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A podcast to entertain you in lockdown

Whilst on coronachaos lockdown its always good to have something new and entertaining to listen to whilst manning the barricades. Well today is your lucky day as the latest episode of Mass Movement Podcast is available to stream, download, tune in, turn up and listen to right now.

A couple of aging punk rock geeks chat about bands, comics, monsters, wrestling, Battlestar Galatica, video nasties, and any other nerdy nonsense they can think of. And between their ramblings they play cool new music too, including tracks from our very own Escape Elliott, Sleave, Wake The Dead and Bear Away. Now go wrap your ears around that!

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Lamp Light The Fire, volume 3, out now

The new ‘Lamp light the fire’ compilation is out now.

This is volume three and it is full of awesome heartfelt songs by great bands that you are going to love.

Order a physical copy of the CD direct from Engineer Records or from any of the bands featured on it, or stream / download the album from any of the main digital channels right now.

Get excited, then go get it.

Here’s the artists / bands on this compilation (alphabetised, not in tracklist order):
• The 65’s
• Atlanta Arrival
• Baby Did a Bad Thing
• Bear Away
• Jeff Caudill
• Fairmont
• Graveyard Ghost Story
• Hail Taxi
• Holler and the Hand
• Old Currents
• Ben Parcell
• Rev. Kev and His One Ring Circus
• The Stayawakes
• JM Stevens
• That Dream Was Our Life
• Wlots
If you’d like to familiarise yourself with Volumes 1 (2012) & Volume 2 (2016), please do so now via as well as various digital outlets.

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Jeff Caudill on Lamp Light 3 compilation

We’d like to thank Los Angeles, California’s Jeff Caudill for the lead-off track to Volume 3 in our comp series. Jeff’s music has been in our ears and on stages in front of us since his days fronting Gameface. The song he lent to us is from our favorite solo album of his, Reset The Sun. We’re proud to marry both worlds and offer our humble rejuvenated awareness of the beautiful “I Wouldn’t Wait” via the Lamp Light The Fire series. 

From Jeff’s bio:
Not many artists stay relevant to their fan-base over a sustained period of time, but California singer-songwriter, Jeff Caudill, is one such rarity. Shooting to prominence with pop-punk band, Gameface, in the early 1990s, his irrepressible knack for a memorable hook and melody quickly established a dedicated following. He led the band around the globe, gradually shedding youthful exuberance for a string of increasingly mature releases, before finally abandoning the tour van in 2003. 
…After soul searching and maturing, Gameface reunited and released their strongest and most deeply felt batch of material to date, ‘Now is What Matters Now’ in 2014. After touring for that album, Caudill returned to write a decidedly Americana 6-song concept EP called ‘Reset The Sun’ – his first non-autobiographical group of songs. Recorded with a new band, ‘Reset The Sun’ is an alt-country road record with peaks and valleys and everything in between.

Note: Sadly for him and for all, Jeff has had to cancel his solo acoustic tour dates this April across England due to the Coronavirus.

facebook: jeffcaudillmusic
instagram: 42n8son
twitter: jeffcaudill

Engineer Records • Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation of Quiet(ER) Songs, Vol. 3 • March 13th, 2020.

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Holler and the Hand – Together

Holler and the Hand’s video debut and stand-alone single for “Together” is out today via BlankTV plus all streaming digital platforms.

This song appears on Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation of Quiet(ER) Songs, Vol. 3 out on Engineer Records alongside a fine list of musicians. We urge you to seek it’s entirety. 

Extra special thanks to the production by Mead Creative [Mike and Corey] for their time and cinematic work.

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Pop-punk bmx party with Jack & Sally and The Stayawakes

It’s going to be a super-massive pop-punk party with Jack & Sally and The Stayawakes at the BMX and skate gig at @prevailskatehouse in Poole this Saturday!
Come along and join in the fun.

Here’s Jack & Sally playing ‘Long Way Home’:
and here’s The Stayawakes playing ‘Down For Love’:

Jack & Sally are also working on a UK tour in April so promoters get in touch. These five dates are booked so far…

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Still Burning released next week so check out these Wake The Dead videos now

Wake The Dead’s intense new record ‘Still Burning’ will be available next Monday, March 2 on both vinyl and CD and we can’t wait!
At the same time, we will release a new video for the song ‘All my Flames’ too, and there’s a taster clip on
You can pre-order the cd or vinyl from the band here:
Or directly with us or partner labels for this release: Burdigala Records, APB – Records, Eternalis Records, Shield Recordings, Sleepy Dog Records, We Are Sharks records.
For now though you can also check out this video for ‘Back for more’ from Wake The Dead’s last release:

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New Atlanta Arrival video ‘Misfit’ this weekend

Atlanta Arrival (Ex-Satellite Year) have been busy shooting their first music video for “Misfit” together with Dirk Forster and we are looking forward to sharing this with you very soon (Sunday 1st March!) on the Engineer Records YouTube channel.
A special thanks to our lead role Enrico!
Until then, put the song in loop:
Just to be prepared, listen to the song non-stop.

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Amalia Bloom’s new video for ‘Solarium’

‘Solarium’ is the last song in ‘Maiden Voyage’, the intense new album from Amalia Bloom.
You can watch the new video here:
It is the final part of the journey, when the protagonist wakes up in a solarium, realising that all he witnessed, felt, heard, seen was nothing but is fantasy that becomes reality. In this song, the protagonist experiences a moment of epiphany and he understands that all the negative experiences we make can turn into something positive. He spends his time drawing his fantastic world in his head, realising he is lost in his own conscience and that he can not escape so he decides that this is not the time to think about his sorrow, as he want to experience the most he can in life.
This song is a metaphor to the voyage we make in life, from the moment we are born (from reverie I just woke up again) until the moment we die (once it will be time to shake death’s hand, help me reunite to my Motherland and when she’ll tuck me in I’ll be for aye asleep).

The video was created and directed by both Amalia Bloom and Hélio Gomes, while the song was produced by Yari Ricco at Eyeless Recordings in Vicenza IT.
Amalia Bloom on apple music
Amalia Bloom on spotify
Amalia Bloom on bandcamp
CD and vinyl available from and other partner labels.

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Jack & Sally and The Stayawakes to play the Prevail Skatehouse

Jack & Sally and The Stayawakes to play the Prevail Skatehouse BMX party and Afterlab Jam on Saturday 29th February down in Poole on the Dorset Coast.
As well a skating, BMXing and music there will be food stalls and a stand with Engineer Records CDs and Earth Island books on it. Get along.

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From Turin To Austin – A Tribute To The Late Great Daniel Johnston

Just back from a three show long weekend in their homeland of Italy, two of these gigs with Gender Roles from the UK, the ever busy emo-rock guys of Low Standards High Fives now have a cover song featured on a new tribute album to Daniel Johnston. They have contributed a great version of ‘Walking the cow’ and their track appears alongside others from ‘Seward, Alaska’, ‘Adventures in Lo-fi’, ‘Promises worth repeating’ and ‘From Turin to Austin’ as well as other great indie rock bands. You can, and should, check it out here:

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