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LSHF ‘Salad Days’ review and ‘High Fives’ t-shirt

Another great review for Low Standards, High Fives new CD ‘Are we doing the best we can?’ this time in Salad Days magazine.

They say “A mature record that wants to be heard and will be listened to greatly.” Thank you Turi Messineo for the review!

To celebrate the band have a new ‘High Fives’ shirt available on their big cartel now.


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Come The Spring on Channel radio

Woodenman’s Jukebox on Channel Radio features Come The Spring as the third of three back to back EMERGING Artists coming up…
Listen Later at your own time from:
Tune in at:
CTS ALBUM 11jan inner

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One Day Elliott are rocking Maidstone tonight!

One Day Elliott, Tropes and Fractals will be playing at The Druids Arms in Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom tonite – Thursday 3rd May.
Get yo ass along!
band cartoon

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Steve Hewitt is working on his new album and raising funds

Steve Hewitt is getting a lot of shows right now and between all of them he is still working on his new album. Being a muso perfectionist though the costs are getting a bit high so he has started a fund-raising page for fans to chip in. He’ll keep you informed on how it’s all going and then we’ll send you the new CD when it’s out along with some goodies.
Check out and support great music!

Click here to support Steve Hewitt Album Fund organised by Stephen Hewitt

Steve says – “Hi all!
I hope your all really well.
The reason for this gofundme campaign is im £1500 short of completing my debut Album, and this is where i desperately need your help!
ATM i’m half way through the album, having recorded 7 songs, some are unedited, unmixed and need alot of production.
The £1500 will go on Tracking days,
session musicians, editing/mixing/mastering, and i will update all those who have funded me along the way.
I need to get the album completed Asap as its been in production for 2 and a half years!
your support would mean that i can finally get my best songs to date out into the world, and the next ball rolling for my music career.
It would mean the absolute world to me if you would fund this project and help me get this album out there.
As a massive thank you i would love to offer the following
If you donate -
£ 25+ I will send you a personal thank you video message.
£ 50 + New Album when released +A personal thank you video message.
£100 + Signed new album + A personal thank you video message + Credited in the album sleeve.
Thank you so much in advance
Much love”
Steve Hewitt


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Lords of Metal review ‘Echoes’

The rocking guys at Lords of Metal zine have just released their review of Come The Spring’s new CD, Echoes, and this is what they had to say

I was ready for this. A nice English rock band. After Lonely The Brave it was – at least as far as I am concerned – a bit quiet with interesting bands from England. And now I can listen to this new album ‘Echoes’ by Come The Spring.
I see that in 2015 I wrote a review for their previous release, the mini CD ‘Revive’ and I was already enthusiastic about that. Unfortunately, it has been quiet for a few years around the boys, but on ‘Echoes’ we hear an inspired band that plays that typical English music, which will certainly appeal to fans of Editors, Hot Water Music and related music.

Come The Spring has nothing to do with metal or heavy rock. This is alternative rock in the broad sense of the word. The gentlemen are experienced musicians and gained experience in numerous bands in the English underground scene before the creation of Come The Spring in 2012. The band has released two CDs so far and as mentioned, ‘Echoes’ is their first full length album. Although, full length; there are only seven songs on this disc that together do not clock for half an hour. But ultimately it’s about quality and not about quantity, right? And this is top quality. The guys present catchy song material that invites you to sing (shout) along, to dance, to jump up, to get out of your seat and into the record.

Take for example the first single ‘For What It’s Worth’. That is a song in which bombast and a stadium sound go hand in hand with the English garage sound of Arctic Monkeys in a song that Alt-J would sign for. It’s a great track.
The same goes for the fiery ‘Brighton And The Blues’ in which I hear a bit of Lonely The Brave. I am very impressed by the vocals of Sam Craddock. He sings the lungs out of his body (although there is more control in his singing than on ‘Revive’) and you believe everything he sings. It is real, it is sincere.
He also does this in the successful cover version of ‘Boys Of Summer’ (Don Henley), which receives a wonderful upgrade from the guys from Come The Spring.

This is simply a top album. Hope to see them live soon.



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LSHF ‘Are we doing the best we can?’ is record of the day on Rock-it!

‘Are we doing the best we can?’ the new album by Low Standards, High Fives, is Record of the Day on today.
You can check out their review here:

‘Three years after their “Enough” EP Low Standards, High Fives release their first full-length album titled “Are We Doing the Best We Can?”: finally a more complete work that successfully returns to the path walked so far by this promising band. This record already convinces with its artwork, but of course what counts is its content, and that resumes all the good stuff we’ve already been hearing in their past works, but in an even more mature way now.
Their style connects to american emo and it’s clear since the first notes of ‘Bite Me’ and the vocal melody from ‘Silent Decor’ perfectly mix ‘with some contemporary indie-rock distortions and some pleasing 90′s references. The intensity and enthralling melody of ‘The Twist’ with its melancholy spaces and post-rock shades keeps it hurtling along.
‘Remember Me’ is the most classic emo song of the entire record, and ‘Just Like Silence’ is almost a pop song, followed by ‘Slow Dancers in a Rush Hour’ a little masterpiece of atmosphere, a musical picture in black and white, a lo-fi apocalypse with a climax made of sound and distortion that lets the voices in only in its second half.
‘Crazy Boy’ is another song that fully convinces us and that remakes the direction taken by the band. The final song ‘Distance By Connection’ starts slowly and is deeply emotional – it is in summary, LSHF’s style and sound.
LSHF successfully repeat and confirm themselves as one of the most interesting bands of this musical genre.’


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