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The Stayawakes – Inevitable Truth

The Stayawakes – Inevitable Truth
Taken from the LP Dogs and Cats / Living Together on Bad Horror Recordings 2018
Brand new Stayawakes album coming out late this summer on Engineer Records.
‘Inevitable Truth’ is their musical love letter to Bob Mould.
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Steve Hewitt live from his studio

Live in Lockdown, Steve Hewitt will be playing a set live from his home studio this evening. You can watch at:

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Escape Elliott’s lockdown video for ‘Hey Lorelai’

‘Hey Lorelai’ is taken from the Escape Elliott album ‘Everything Here Is Make Believe’.

The video for this track was filmed and compiled during the CoVid lockdown early in 2020 just using clips supplied by our friends.

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‘Let me down’ by Tired Radio

‘Let me down’ by Tired Radio, a video and digital single released as a warm up for the new record ‘Patterns’ coming out on Engineer Records late summer 2020. Watch the video here:

New single ‘Making Plans’ out in July 2020. New album ‘Patterns; out in August 2020.

The simple meaning of the song is about being in love with someone who you know is always going to let you down in one way or another. (and of course, there’s a personal story behind it).

Let Me Down on Spotify:

Let Me Down on Bandcamp:

Tired Radio is Anthony Truzzolino and Anthony Truzzolino is Tired Radio. The band and the man are inseparable as each, in some part, defines the other. But Tired Radio is far more than a simple one man band and it isn’t just a solo project put together by a self-confessed professional cry baby. Tired Radio is the place where Anthony’s songs, dreams, hopes and ambitions soar. Tired Radio is where everything that Anthony is musically, with a little help from his friends, lives.

A bruising, melodic journey down the paths less travelled, Patterns, Tired Radio’s debut album, infuses volume, power and infectious choruses with the energy, independence and autonomy of punk rock to deliver blue collar, Americana flavoured anthem after anthem after anthem.

Patterns is where the moments that shaped Anthony’s life, and the Tired Radio songs those moments inspired, have found a home. So turn on, tune in and turn it up. Welcome to Tired Radio…

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Check out the videos for Antillectual’s Covers EP

Don’t forget you can check out all of @antillectual‘s great new tracks on YouTube. Here’s the new covers EP, starting with their cover of ‘The truth hits everybody’ by The Police;

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Interview on Pi Records YouTube channel

Loads of great interviews and video posts on the Pi Records YouTube page. Check them out if you have a moment.
Chad Price, Dan O’Mahoney, Larry Parker, Craig Cirinelli, Liz Hale, Doug Carrion, Dave Anderson, Antillectual, Amalia Bloom and there’s even one with me about Engineer Recs.

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Bear Away bringing us ‘Old Friends’

The new limited edition BEAR AWAY 7″s are ready to ship now and these two tracks will rock your world. The zombie owl looms over the Scarborough Grand and you can order yours from our release partners Disillusioned Records here if you are really quick:

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New Body Anchor T in DTDA package

Check out the new (Damn) This Desert Air ‘BODY ANCHOR’ tee. You can purchase this soft-style tee from the bands webstore and receive their new ‘Nebulosity’ EP along with it.

The T-Shirt will ship third week of July with the digital EP sent prior to release date, via link to the email associated with your order. Tee also available within the ‘BIG REACH’ pre-order pack.

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Bear Away’s ‘Never in the same place’ turns 1

Another anniversary. I cant believe that BEAR AWAY‘s brilliant ‘Never in the same place’ EP is a year old already. We have one to two CDs and cassettes left if you haven’t heard it yet. It’s awesome. Check out this video for the track ‘ Parts and labour’ from it:

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New Noise reviewed The Stayawakes first album

Check out the track by track stream notes from New Noise for The Stayawakes first album from two years ago as we wait to release the brand new one.

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