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The Satellite Year are making waves…

Whilst we listen over and over again to the ‘Mission Polarlights’ and ‘Brooklyn, I am’ albums and wait for the new record from The Satellite Year they have sent us a live video of a new song called “Make Waves” from the upcoming full length record.

Check it out here and let us and the band know what you think:


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Mikee is getting married…

In celebration of the fact that Mikee J Reds is finally marrying his longtime sweetheart Lou McKeen this weekend (and all the Engineer Records crew are going – Craig has even come over from the USA!) we thought we’d better put this video up to celebrate.

Here’s Mikee rocking his classic ‘Living Well’


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Be Mine Again video from Red Light Runner…

Let this flashy new lyric video for Red Light Runner‘s “Be Mine Again” catch your eye and reverberate through your mouth! Taken from such an excellent catchy indie album you need to hear.
Also on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.RLR.BMA

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Hidden Cabins in Original Rock

Check out this new interview in from Original Rock‘s (UK) web feature on Hidden Cabins! Craig tells all (or at least some).  Cheers to editor Kieran on this piece.

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Hail Taxi hits the road again – We are not doomed…yet.

Take a trip through the cityscapes with Hail Taxi (aka Nathaniel Sutton) on the new music video for “We Are Not Doomed…Yet” from his ‘Apart for so long’ CD. It can be viewed at:
Hail Taxi will be heading into New Jersey, USA from March 31st to April 2nd, playing shows with Hidden Cabins at:
• Friday, March 31st - Krogh’s Brewpub [Sparta, New Jersey]
Stripped Songs & Sing-a-longs; Batch 8
Featuring: Old Currents, The Belveduo, Hidden Cabins, Nathaniel Sutton, Brian Rothenbeck, Jefferson, Warren Swan
• Saturday, April 1st - The Compound [Hackettstown, New Jersey]
Annual Pizza Party
Featuring: T.Gunn, Brian Rothenbeck, Hidden Cabins, Nathaniel Sutton, Joe Galuppo, …plus surprises
• Sunday, April 2nd - Live From The Dining Room – podcast [Woodbridge, New Jersey]
Private Taping:  Recorded live in-studio, streamed Monday, April 3rd, 8pm
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HIDDEN CABINS new video & single for ‘Bet it all on you’

Out now! HIDDEN CABINS brand new single for ‘Bet it all on you’ plus accompanying cinemagraph by Kayla Surico. Recorded by John Naclerio at Nada Recording Studio last November, we’re thrilled to release this into the digital abyss—please share.


Hidden Cabins

Hailing from the Northern reaches of New Jersey (USA), the creative duo consisting of Craig Cirinelli and Brian Hofgesang (aka Hidden Cabins) release official news of their video single release entitled ‘Bet It All On You’.
With accompanying cinemagraph from Kayla Surico‘Bet It All On You’ takes the listener on a slow building journey through Hidden Cabin’s trademark emotive & melodic vocal deliveries, acoustic guitar tones and their collaborative intentions to mould dark brooding alternative folk/rock. Adding more instrumentation than previous releases, the Hidden Cabin’s embark on an instinctive shift in their sonic direction.
The song-crafting chemistry between Cirinelli & Hofgesang has evolved organically over several years of their partnership. In which time, the outfit has released records via numerous credible indie labels and have embarked on tours of the US, UK, Canada and Spain.
Watch ‘Bet It All On You’ here;
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