Acabah Rot

Acabah Rot formed in the autumn of 2000 in Stuttgart and are Daniel Leguy (bass, singing), Florian Gemmrig (guitar, singing), Achim victory (guitar) and Tobias Jekal (drums). Since then they have played all over Germanywith bands like Orchid, Avery, Marr, Tidal and Leiah.

In 2001 they released a split EP with Tidal on Engineer Records (Ignition) and they are now in teh studio recording a full album. The musical style of Acabah Rot can’t be defined sufficiently by the dispatching to a certain category. The roots of the musicians were in the Hardcore/Punk range but an advancement like at the drive in, Cable Car Theory or condition is also carried out.

The rockage passes between energetic outbreaks, as one knows her from Swedish groups ? la Refused or J.R. Ewing, to rage and irony and even calm moments. Sometimes in English, sometimes in German. Acabah Rot do not spread resignation but provoke enthusiasm and love for music and for life.