Adjudgement is one of the oldest, continuously active hardcore bands in Germany. In a world, where even the hardcore/punk scene is pervaded far too often by short-lived fashion and music trends, reliable bands like Adjudgement gain more and more importance. The guys from Hanover have kept their unique style for years now, without ever stagnating.
Musically, Adjudgement is definitely rooted in early 1990’s hardcore, however, musical progress has always been important. They have something to say, their lyrics aren’t just for decoration. There are stories about everyday life, about personal impressions and experiences, as well as themes full of political and social criticism. To get to the point in the words of the band: “It could be the filthy toilet from last weekend, or the politics of exclusion employed by the Western states.”
In the last few years, Adjudgement has been touring constantly through all of Europe. Next to their frequent weekend shows, this must be the reason for the incredible strength and the excellent sound quality the band members have to offer on stage.
Founded in 1993 by brothers Ruven and Marc, their cousin Wilko and Markus, there has just been one change in the line-up. Tim played as second guitarist from 1997 to 2003. To fill this gap with another guitar player wasn’t successful.
In 2006 the band has decided to go back to its roots while playing with one guitar. New songs are increasingly in work.
A new full length release is planned on Engineer Records (UK) for the spring, 2007. A tour is applied for April, 2007. More concerts and festivals are in work.

Band Members

  • Marc Brodowski – Vocals
  • Markus Henke – Guitars
  • Wilko Brodowski – Bass
  • Ruven Brodowski – Drums