One of the worst bands ever somehow managed to get the chance to play a support-show forElliot. The singer who knew how bad the band really was decided for himself not to play. The rest of the group wanted to play because of the benefits of such a show. Free food, free beer, free elliot show and maybe some money. So they hooked up with Olli for one breathtaking rehearsel. They had five songs. But at the show they faked a breakdown of Beppo’s guitar to win some time.

The former singer left to play drums for Avery in Berlin. Later he left Avery and Berlin to live with the love of his live in Hamburg. His love of his live had also been Beppo’s love of his live years before that.

In the weeks that followed the Elliot show the drummer was replaced by a fake split of the band and a quick reunion with a new drummer. That wasn’t nice but taking the money from the Elliot show to buy a new battery for his car wasn’t nice either. After being kicked out of every club in Hannover the new formed band called andthewinneris decided to play shows as far away from home as possible.

This worked out well as long as they played every city only once or annoyed everyone as support for real bands. The singer of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones even liked Beppo’s trucker hat.

Every now and then Olli forced the rest of the group to do some recordings and they worked out great. Once they recorded 20 songs in one week for an album to be released one year later as a six song ep.

As soon as they found a label dumb enough (us) to release the other 14-songs as an album they went for it. The outcome was The Punch And Judy Show. They even saved up two songs for their next album.

Now with their kids grown up and out of the house they are back on the road to show everyone everywhere how it is to be old, unprofessional and unpopular.

Band Members

Beppo – guitar

Maik – guitar

Moppi – drums

Olli – vocals

Jan – bass