Ayin is a rock band. Some may argue with this definition, but considering the generally progressive and outlaw nature of rock music, this may be the most appropriate category for them. Ayin is a band that thrives on contradictions and outsider status, and the ways that this mentality seeps into their music makes it equally jarring and interesting to listen to.
Drawing influence from all forms of music from classical avant-garde to black metal to new wave Ayin defies easy categorization in an age where “defying easy categorization” means sounding like watered-down makeout music. No stylistic boundary is left uncrossed by their onslaught. Although not easily compared to contemporary bands, Ayin’s music may bring to mind groups like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, The Blood Brothers, The Liars and Circle Takes the Square. It also pays tribute to such older greats as Big Black, Swans, Joy Division, The Cure, and even a hint of Captain Beefheart. Ultimately, Ayin blends all of these disparate elements in a mix that is erratic, yet emotionally powerful.

Band Members

  • Brandon Thompson – Drums and Vocals
  • Sarah Patrick – Keyboards and Vocals
  • Shane Simms – Vocals
  • Jacob Gotlib – Guitar and Vocals and Laptop
  • Daisy – Bass and Vocals and Drum Machine