Often described as “a hellspun mixture from the bones of fornicators and the sinews of thieves and gluttons,” the seeds of what would later be called Bodies were sown in the winter of 2004/2005. There, drummer Aaron Osbourne and guitar player Nick Dittmeier, pursued their dream of drinking beer and listening to Black Flag every weekend at Dittmeier’s house outside of Louisville, Kentucky.

After their previous hardcore groups disbanded, a few months past and in the summer of 2005, the two started writing songs with bassist Matt Kovarovic. The three set out to build a heavy, technical, machine that brought together their collective influences, which included classic metal stalwarts Black Sabbath and Motorhead with early 90’s heavyweights Unsane and Helmet, and also involving a touch of modern day metal, such as Converge and Mastodon.

Bodies will have a split-label EP release between Engineer Records and Shrodinger Records ( in the Spring of 2006, and at this point, their razor sharp disarray of musical hell will then break loose. Trust us, that makes sense once you hear “Hurricane Bodies” brand of music, legions will follow.