Crosstide began sometime in the late 90’s as a side project for 4 high school students. They played small all-ages clubs around town between their other bands, Backside Disaster, Little Mission Heroes, and Second Self’s gigs. In 2000 they released their first CD ep on Quarantine America Records (then known as Chapel Hill). The CD was well received both locally and abroad.

After a few line up changes, graduations, and other life events, Crosstide has finally settled into itself as a stable band. They recorded a split CD with One Last Thing that earned a 4 (of 5) star review in Kerrang Magazine, and have re-released a beefed up version of their first EP on Rise Records (USA) and Engineer Records (Europe). They have also completed a US tour with Nitro Record’s Divit, and several minor west coast tours.

Crosstide has performed locally with bands like Jimmy Eat World, Rival Schools, Sense Field, Sparta, Elliott, Hot Rod Circuit, Further Seems Forever, Onelinedrawing, No Knife, the Juliana Theory, the Velvet Teen, and others.

Britain’s Engineer Online describes Crosstide’s music as having the power of Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas is the Reason with the accessibility, and musicianship of Radiohead and Muse. While this may be a flattering description, it does point to some of the band’s primary influences.

Currently, Crosstide are writing and demoing, booking west coast dates for November/September, and working on another US tour early next year.