(Damn) This Desert Air

Photo: Greg Pallante 2013





(Damn) This Desert Air create big, booming, melodic rock, wide in its breadth, sound and scope. Injected with heavy space riffs and a foundation of post-hardcore, (Damn) This Desert Air are finding an audience who not only desire a thick, full blast of sound, but also attention to dynamic detail in their music. Creating memorable songs that also have a few left turns are what make [D]TDA stand firmly on their feet. Self-managing themselves since the bands inception in 2007, has given them a realistic approach at building the band on their terms, at a manageable pace in today’s fickle musical climate.  Turn an ear and you’ll be sure to turn up your stereo to fully absorb their sonic landscape.  The band’s new release ‘Pyramid’ which blasted onto the scene back in July 2013 is now available through Engineer Records on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

[Family tree bands:  Elemae, The World Concave, The Fire Still Burns, Merciana, Instruction, Errortype: 11, No Reward, Hidden Cabins, Ex Number Five]