Evolution So Far

Evolution So Far is a punk hardcore band from La Spezia, Italy. We formed in the summer of 2001 to play short, aggressive and melodic songs in the vein of the 80’s american and european hc, keepin’ an eye on some of the modern bands and with lyrics about politcs, the social and cultural system that’s devouring our souls, the upcoming end of the world, anger, frustration, low self-esteem and other nice stuff like that.

In 2002 we started to play live and recorded our first release, a split cd with For I Am Blind (a melodic hc band from Milan), out for Nh-N Records. During 2003 we had the chance to play shows in Europe as well as in Italy, and to record our first full-lenght: The Armies Of Bitterness, released on february 14 2004 by Nh-N Rec. Then we spent the first half of 2004 promoting the album in italy, had some trouble with our line up and welcomed Kei as new guitarist, and finally leaved for a short summer tour in Europe.

I guess that’s pretty much all for now… check our website (www.evolutionsofar.com) to see if we’re coming near your area, try to have some fun, if you can, don’t worry and keep loving the bombs.