Face The Front

Face The Front


Face The Front is a Punk Rock band formed in Lucerne Switzerland in 2007. Having started as a four piece, the band decided to continue as a trio after the departure of their former vocalist in 2010. To date the band has played dozens of shows across Switzerland and parts of Europe, including Germany, France and Austria. The group released it’s first EP in 2007 and started producing demos of new material in 2010, with their first full length scheduled for a fall 2012 release.

Stylistically, the band ventures from Pop Punk to 90s Emo, drawing influences from the likes of The Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music or Taking Back Sunday.

Face The Front is known for energetic and emotionally charged live performances with blood, sweat and tears. The band is authentic in the way that they portray the emotional content of their songs, displaying dedicated musicianship along the way. Each show is unpredictable in it’s own way, keeping the audience on edge.

Besides the music, the band is serious about doing things right and the D.I.Y-mentality defines Face The Front in more than one way. Having started their own record label sumsRecords and realeasing albums for a variety of artists in addition to their own, as well as booking shows, is a living testament of what Punk Rock in this day and age should mean.

Face The Front already shared the stage with acts like:
Polar Bear Club, A Wilhelm Scream, Dead To Me, The Flatliners, Man Overboard, The Unseen, Cobra Skulls, Nothington, Left Alone, Angel City Outcasts, Snitch, The Peacocks

Alain: Vocals/Bass
Chris: Guitar/Vocals
Dave: Drums

Split release with Sums Records