Franklin Lakes

There’s need for a certain amount of cynicism, but also some kind of
humbleness when facing reality. Franklin Lakes combines these two in
musical form.
With their roots in punk rock and hardcore this Stockholm based band plays
indie rock with street beats, steady rhythm and subtle yet catchy
Franklin Lakes started playing in 1999 with the members wanting to play
more melodic music than their current punk combos would allow. With
influences from bands like Afghan whigs, the Police, Swervedriver, Joy
Division etc, the band created a sound hard to file under a certain genre.
Since the release of their first EP mal communiquer the band has toured
Europe on several occasions making a name for themselves with their
intense live shows.

Band Members
Henrik Noren – vocals and guitar
Carl Wikman – drums
Mikael Nadell – guitar and vocals
Par Fridholm – bass