HSD has been establishing themselves in Vienna, Austria for many years, starting in the mid 90’s and going through some personal differences and changes throughout their development, finally getting to the point they’re at now in 2006.

This constant line-up change has reflected on HSD’s sound over the years and as new members came and old members left, influences also did. In 2002 they released their first full length album “No Silence Till Change” on the Bulgarian label, Troskot Records. With this release, the five members first tried to generate music that best fits their personal approach to hardcore music. The result was an interesting mixture of a more classic hardcore sound mixed with some twists and turns of melodicism. Afterall, what is the last hardcore band you can think of that utelizes a saxophone?

In 2003, their second album was released entitled “Shut Up, Be Happy.” HSD worked hard to improve their style, toured to other countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Croatia and gained a lot of live experience and gig exposure. Now in 2006, HSD will be releasing a split record with Misconduct from Sweden, which all of you will know very soon as well. On this split label-release through Engineer and Side By Side Records entitled “Building Bridges,” HSD contribute 4 songs which best represent their now-matured way of making 21st century sax-laden hardcore music.

Band Members
Georg – guitar
Alex – bass
Fredl – drums
Folti – vocals
Muella – sax and vocals