Junior Achiever

Junior Achiever front man Gene Champagne began playing the drums when he was only eleven. He co-founded Warner Recording Artists The Killjoys who won a Juno award (The Canadian “Grammy”), toured Canada and the United States
extensively and recorded three records for Warner Music before disbanding.

Joining Champagne in Junior Achiever is like-minded musician Dave Fritz, formerly of British pop-punksters Wact. In addition to his roll as Junior Achiever guitarist and backing vocalist, Dave lends the band his expertise as an audio engineer. Holding down the rhythm section are bassist/vocalist Steve Scott and drummer Jeremy Knowles, a team who have played together often in the past and were an immediately solid foundation for Champagne’s

Junior Achiever’s songs have charted on Canadian radio and have been featured in several television series including the Canadian cult classic “Degrassi: The Next Generation”.

Junior Achiever’s debut album “All The Little Letdowns” is a bittersweet tale of lost love, disillusionment, and regret. The songs are diverse but with a unifying sound. A summer album that reflects the sparkle of the grass and the warmth of the sun, all with a wry sense of humour and an honest longing for something more. Call it pop-punk if you will, but it sounds more
like “After-School-Special-Core”; rock and roll for kids on sugar and too much TV.

Band Members
Gene Champagne – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Dave Fritz – Guitar and Vocals
Steve Scott – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Jeremy Knowles – Drums and Vocals