Musically rooted in decades before, Kover embraces the dirty rock sound of the 70’s combined with the melancholy glory of the 80’s. Although not a band during these years, the members of Kover continued to carry these influences through their youth in the punk, hardcore and post-hardcore era of the 90’s. Playing in bands finding minor success and some decent touring opportunities would fuel the fire for these four boys. Friends from years prior to their rock introduction, Kover’s bond is strong and almost family like. With two brothers in the band, it technically is.

After years playing apart from one another, Kover was formed. Each member belonged to a band that crumbled for one reason or another. Ryan played for a band that had gained some recognition, spanning from music videos, radio play, to big tours, etc. It all sounded great to the outsider, even other bands looked on with the belief that something great was happening. The whole while bad management, bad label, bad car crash, bad luck in general was killing them and eventually did. Ryan’s determination to continue resulted in his release of six tracks independently. The self-titled “Kover- EP” caught much attention from fellow bands and some industry related people. This was all Ryan needed.

Jaye, a friend for years, joined Ryan with the goal to write an album. Jaye and Ryan’s parents were old highschool friends, signifying the instant connection. In the lost hours between dusk and dawn the guys would sneak into the recording studio at the local college. Jaye had access to some 2″ tape and good microphones. He would record Ryan and his acoustic visions. The recordings weren’t great, nothing more than a learning experience, but they did pave the way for a more intense musical relationship. The years again past, both played in other bands, both always knowing they stood out, both with the gut-rot feeling of something missing. Finally, these paths crossed again and Jaye and Ryan found time to start the trek toward something great, the missing piece.

Together, Jaye and Ryan had written some tracks making it time to bring a band to life. Greg and Neal Lyons entered the picture here. The day Greg picked up sticks he could play. He spent some time in a couple bands; a brit-pop band, and a band with his brother Neal. Greg, like Ryan and Jaye, had some touring experience, only his was in the UK. With a good friend and his brother Neal, a progressive rock act was formed. The guys would have grown into the shoes of the critically acclaimed but disbanded after disagreements toward touring and the direction of the band. The brothers just couldn’t find members who matched their uncompromising commitment to music.

Neal and Ryan have been friends for more then a decade, so Neal and Greg were the first people Ryan called to fill the blanks that were meant for them all along. Originally Ryan was going to sing as he wanted the outlet to release his own thoughts and words. Neal was such a great singer and friend that Ryan saw this as more important. The two of them came to the decision of a double vocal, again aiding in the creation of Kover’s sound. Although different in lyrical and singing styles, they seemed to vocally compliment each other. During his youth, Neal’s punk influences from the days of Minor Threat opened the door to start a band of his own. Neal’s freewill and magnetic personality would deem him perfect for the roll of a singer. Yet, he wasn’t the frontman for this band. Later the opportunity would come again and he was able to show everyone that he belonged out front.

If Kover was going to be unstoppable, it had to be a family first. The first two tracks were sent to Neal. Greg and Neal together played to the poor recordings. Ryan and Jaye would start the two-hour commute for regular practices shortly after. From there the real bio begins…

Band Members
Ryan Mills – Guitar and Vocals
Neal Lyons – Bass and Vocals
Greg Lyons – Drums
Jaye Schwarzer – Guitar