The World Concave

The World Concave

Welcome to the world we call concave. A collective of friends who like to make music for people, that remind us of things. We like to over-think these things and see how they sound. We then like to over-think that sound, record it, and wonder what the world would think if we weren’t actually people making this sound.

Though mostly written and recorded over the greater part of last year and some of this (2009/2010), a couple song ideas and snippets date back about 10 years. This is about the “then” AND the “now.” We’ve realized after having traces of these songs in our collective subconscious remind us when we least expect it that they’re still there we’d better get to work. Music is timeless and we are not, so we’ve decided now to “pull it together while we can” and begin what we now call The World Concave.

Though various portions were realized in our individual homes, we tracked the majority of our debut EP Harbor at the best red barn in the state of NJ, Portrait Recording Studios in Pompton Plains. The microphones have been turned off & mixing commenced the first week of May, 2010 and the rest shall we say, is a story yet to be told.  The band returned in March 2014 with their new album ‘Feed The Current To The Current To The Ground’ which is now available through Engineer Records on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

[members of Elemae, The Fire Still Burns, (Damn) This Desert Air, M.N.B., Wilhelm]

Band members:
Dan Nolan – Drums and Percussion and Laptop
Erik McHugh – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Craig Cirinelli – Microphone and Acoustic Guitar and Sleigh Bells
Alf Bartone – Bass Guitar and Additional Microphone and Midi
Mark Cooper – Bass Guitar

and guest Bob McHugh – Piano and Organ
and guest Alexandra Ausman – Additional Microphone