Dependent is a fast rising name in the Dutch underground music scene. This 5-piece band from Eindhoven plays straight forward punkrock, combined with old school hardcore and emo.

Their unique powerful style sets them apart from other bands. Instead of slowing down they are getting faster and harder every day, without loosing their emotional and melodic sound.

A few months after the start in December 1999, the band had an unexpected success with their first demo, becoming a wake up call for a lot of local punk and hardcore kids.

In May 2001, Dependent put out their first 7 tracks EP called “Dreams Alive” that got amazing reviews in different zines around Europe and helped them a lot to spread out their message. In the following months, the band supported that release doing loads of shows across Europe, playing with bands like STRUNG OUT, SATANIC SURFERS, STILL HERE, STRAIGHT FACED.

Besides their hard live attitude, Dependent has also been very busy improving their repertoire, writing new songs that reflect the great progress this young band has made in such a short time.

Another important step happened at the end of 2002, when the band recorded at Midas Studio (Belgium) a 4 songs demo, which clearly shows their complete maturity.

In the following weeks their new product was spread out, provoking interest to all the main labels around: many shows followed up. In October 2003, the band came to Italy for a tour with COFFEE SHOWER, which resulted in a deal with the Italian label records.

The band plans a split-cd with COFFEE SHOWER (also new blood), for late February 2004 and will keep touring Europe to support this release. Make sure you keep an eye on this band…it hasn’t even begun!