Elemae (pronounced “L-M-A”) hailed from various parts of NJ, NY & PA, built a band based on their universal inspiration of music, and a friendship which kept them writing, recording & rehearsing together despite their rather non-complimentary geographic locations. They developed their own unique way of writing, crossing genres, combining post-hardcore with brit rock; classic with shoegaze.  Elemae released a 7-inch, 2 full-length albums, a split EP w/ Soon [Belgium] and Memorial [Virginia], as well as appearances on both the Shudder To Think and Seaweed Tribute albums on Engineer Records (originally Ignition Records as their first releases denote). Two of the albums were co-released by Malaysia’s now defunct hardcore indie label Embrace Records, giving them added exposure. Their 2005 LP Popular Misconceptions of Happiness landed them on a diverse range of compilations alongside the likes of The Strokes and Snapcase, yet their sound fell somewhere between, such as the melodic post-hardcore/songwriter vein of Chamberlain and Sense Field. They were featured on a cover mount disc for Metal Hammer Magazine, BMX/skate videos and a song within a Discovery Channel TV show.

Update 2011:  Though involved in newer bands now; Craig sings for (Damn) This Desert Air as well as The World Concave (with Dan Nolan and Mark Cooper both of Elemae), both Chris Homentosky and Craig revisited their old material after a few years apart and it sparked their chemistry, leading to the recording of a brand new song, forthcoming on Engineer’s Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation of Quiet(ER) Songs. It seemed the perfect time to carry out an idea they should have years ago, hence the Lamp Light acoustic tour with Engineer label mate Mikee Reds; Oct 15-22 across England. Join their newly launched facebook page for both updates and retrospect.

Band Members:

Dan Nolan – drums
Chris Homentosky – guitar
Craig Cirinelli – microphone
Mark Cooper – bass
Mark McKenna (Zullo) – keys

Chris Smith – guitar
Mike Barbagallo – bass