Hail Taxi

Hail Taxi


Hailing from the landscapes of Edmonton, Alberta Canada comes a humble story of a solo singer/songwriter and performer – Nathaniel Sutton. While predominantly delivering folk-based indie-rock, you’ll discover deeper splashes of alt-country, pop and EDM sensibilities with eclectic influences that parallel elements from artists like Folk Implosion and Beck.

Sutton struck some inevitable fate when he was approached by Engineer Records in 2005 (with him being a huge fan of the label; buying many label releases over the years) and was asked to submit some of his material to their label staff. The intrigue of who took notice to his relentless dedication / record purchases as a label fan, soon realized that Nathaniel was a musician himself, and developed a bond with the label this way.

Thanks to a “Music-Collector’s” passion, alongside a stroke of luck, Engineer Records realized that Nathaniel was a very inspirational musician with a noticeable multifaceted talent for being a sustainable one-man army in songwriting, recording, and producing a very diligently manifested musical vision that has his own defining factors and signature sound. This helped his name flourish among the label, which led into a solid relationship between Nathaniel Sutton and Engineer Records. It was this relationship that would eventually lead to the release of his debut album “Dramatic Scene” in 2006.

Flash-forward ten years later, Nathaniel Sutton has since attended post-secondary education and achieved a Diploma in Audio Production. He released solo material through his own label Oak Apple Records and featured an exclusive track “Far More” through the sought-after compilation series, “The Emo Diaries”, on Deep Elm Records.

Now, being in his early 30’s, Nathaniel Sutton returns to the music scene under his new moniker, Hail Taxi, and his first EP appropriately titled “Apart For So Long” contained vibes of familiarity yet foreignness and maturity that can only be heard to understand. His new, second EP “A Little Something” really raises the bar and makes Hail Taxi an artist you need to hear.
With the prospect of good connections, brilliantly written music and strong work ethics, Hail Taxi is a name that is becoming more recognisable by the day; and has hit the ground running with no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Band Members:
Nathaniel Sutton – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, additional.