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Hidden Cabins

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Band members:
Craig Cirinelli (vocals, percussion)
Brian Hofgesang (guitar, effects)

Northern New Jersey’s Hidden Cabins formed as a collaborative idea, trading home-demos in the Winter of 2012. A few songs quickly turned into enough material to fill an entire set prior to their first rehearsal in January 2013. The duo consists of Craig Cirinelli on vocals/hand percussion [of Engineer alumni: Elemae, (Damn) This Desert Air, The World Concave] and Brian Hofgesang on guitars/ effects/vocals. Don’t call them purely a folk act, as they turn up the volume, gut and grit with a healthy dose of melody in their, expandable music.

Hidden Cabins recorded their first set of songs at Portrait Recording Studios with John Ferrara in March of 2013 and began stamping their namesake onto stages near and far soon after.
A South East England tour took place during September 2013, as well as a trip to Canada a month later to coincide with a split CD entitled Landwater with Edmonton duo, Brother Octopus through Oak Apple Records of Alberta.

Without Hesitation, Two additional songs were recorded at Nada Studio in New Windsor, NY with John Naclerio and subsequently released on a split 10-inch vinyl Record entitled Weathered with fellow NJ group, Eyeswan on Engineer/Koi Records of the UK. By Summer, Hidden Cabins hooked up with a promo team from Barcelona by the name of Desert Pearl Union and a second trip to Europe took place, reaching both England and Spain this time around co-sponsored by Big Cheese Magazine (UK).

Back into the studio During the Fall of 2014, found Hidden cabins recording a new compilation “single” of their song “Suffer The Surge” for the New Jersey based Combover Records in conjunction with Bedside Manner Collective in which a video was also made.

In the Spring of 2015, Hidden Cabins took a partial week’s travel down the East Coast, USA from New Jersey to North Carolina and brought along one of their UK tourmates, Sirens And Shelter.

To close out 2015, two Hidden Cabins vinyl EPs arrived, the first being a special flexi-disc 7-inch entitled We’re Not Local, with two new songs recorded at Casa De Ross in Milltown, NJ and released in October by the Friends+Neighbors label. Two months later, a split 10-inch entitled Boundaries was released, paired with fellow NJ songwriter Christina Alessi by Combover Records with two new songs by each artist, recorded at Nada Recording Studio.
Hidden Cabins embarked on a tour to the United Kingdom once again in the Spring of 2016, this time hitting Southeast & Central England as well as their first three dates in Scotland. With consistent output and more touring ahead, Hidden Cabins continues to connect to listeners both near and far, laying their foundation at a steady pace while keeping their blue-collar spirit firmly intact.