Setting The Woods On Fire Tour update!

So the STWOF boys went out on tour before Christmas and this is what they got up to!


WeCameFromWolves sum it all up!

“2012 was a great year for wecamefromwolves, we started as a band, got our first record deal, went on two UK (and Paris) tours (including O2 academies and backstage passes with Bloc Party), supported Frightened Rabbit, And So I Watch You From Afar, and far too many other great bands to mention! made some fantastic friends in bands who are all kicking arse! ((special shout to A Plastic Rose, The King Hats and Vukovi), had 3/3 singles played on national (and several regional and digital) radio stations, released a single for Help for Heroes Official, played in some fantastic venues, met some fantastic people and most importantly improved ourselves as musicians, brothers and people.

We couldn’t have asked for more…however we will try for it.

This Saturday we hit the studio again to record the best songs we have written to date…2013 will see us lock down more releases, tours and shows all under the guidance of people who can help us get even more out of the process to reach places we couldn’t before.

We would like to thank EVERYONE who made any of the above possible…everyone at our label, PR, booking agent, our fantastic manager, supportive friends and family and most importantly ANYONE who has ever connected with our music and shared it for someone else, if you’re feeling it then it has all been worth it.”


Watch for this band to explode next year!


IRIS open their hearts

“So 2012 has been a crazy year for us, in every sense of the word!
We’ve done our first video, released an EP under engineer records, had major line up changes, toured the country three times and played some incredible shows with some truly amazing bands!
Over everything your support has strived us on to move into 2013 with more determination than ever before! We would like to thank you again for coming to see us live, listening to our music and inspiring us to get to where we want to be.
We have been writing our best material ever and next year we will be dropping our debut album!
There will be singles and videos, regular ‘Bruce TV’ updates, whilst touring our nuts off and hitting the summer festivals!
Over the next few weeks we’ll let you know more of what’s in store including details of the first tour of 2013 🙂
In the meantime why don’t you go out for new years eve, and for one last time this xmas, go crazy, get smashed and enjoy yourself! We will, catch ya soon :)”

Adam, James, Ross and Rich XXX

We only see big things for this band!


Did you miss this from We Came From Wolves?

Christmas might be over for another year but you still sure as hell can enjoy this song.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those who have been supportive to our bands and the label, you are all truly amazing we couldn’t do it without you and of course the bands we are so lucky to be working with! Thank you and we hope you all had an amazing Christmas and Holidays!

Bring on the new year!


WeCameFromWolves send you all a little update!

Just back from a BEAST of a rehearsal…apologies for the silence recently…we aren’t dead honest…just getting things prepared for our single release early 2013 and working on some brand new bangers for the next record and tour.
These new songs are putting a massive smile on our faces…we have always written from the heart but these songs are taking shape with aspects from influences and genres which inspired us to get into music in the first place, they have sentimental value and we are really proud of the new batch this far.
Honestly cant wait to let you hear them…TONNES of WCFW activity coming from Jan onwards…brb

P.S. – our good friend Macapella is currently working on a FAT dubstep remix of “For All Our Sins, We’re Golden” which we will share with you once it’s ready…he’s a super talented producer so if that’s your vibe give it a listen!

x WCFW x

2013 will be a big year for the lads, we can not wait!


Competition Time!

So yeah we have this big competition with BORN WILD CLOTHING, PAIGE, RUN FROM ROBOTS and more!

Get on it!


Big Sale on at!

How awesome is this!

“Nearly 75% of our releases have just been chopped down in price (by us) in our store! ! ! They ship worldwide, yet of course this is great for the lovely yanks. We *will* be adding our brand new releases to the store together, shortly—so a few newbies aren’t up there yet.”




Read it and smile :)


Maker on the mend….

We are very happy to say the Maker boys are on the mend, here is a quick message from them:

“Hey just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Mickey, Raffi, Dave, and Kyle have all been discharged. Brett is still day to day, but has already made amazing progress. Thanks so much everyone for the prayers and support”

Please do help fund the bands by buying their NEW cd from here:

or if you wish to donate please do here via paypal –

Thank you and take care!


Please help MAKER if you can

Please read below a message from the boys of Maker.

“This morning on our way to texas we flipped our vehicle over just outside Dallas. A few of us are injured, one in critical condition, and the vehicle is totaled. Were trying to raise money to help pay hospital bills and a vehicle and equiptment. Any help is appreciated and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. click reference here.

To donate, paypal your donation to”

We wish them the best of luck, please do help if you can.


“Thanks to everyone who has supported us in this awful time. Just to clear up any rumors. Eric will be continuing the tour for Maker acoustically to try and raise more money for those who were injured. Hope to still see everyone come out.”