Wow! Check this out!

OUT LOUD is a new independent, unconventional documentary that aims to empower more humans to live life to the full on their own terms. The movie features conversations with creative heroes including Jonah Matranga, Henry Rollins, Chuck Ragan, Kevin Seconds and Jesh De Rox, with more to come soon. Plus our old boy Mikee J Reds.

The filmmakers, SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS, are aiming to shift our X-Factor dominated society’s focus from perfection, judgement, fame and fortune to authenticity, community, connection and creativity. Letting TV Talent shows judge whether we’re worthy of attention is no longer an option.

In keeping with the DIY art and community ethic of the movie, SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the movie independently. If you’d like to know more, get over to the Kickstarter page and kick in a few bucks to help make a fucking movie! 🙂

This really sounds amazing so click on this link now –