Ladies and gentleman, Hidden Cabins

Hey guys! Here’s a little news story about an awesome new band on our radar.  They’re called Hidden Cabins from New Jersey, USA.  The duo is comprised of Brian Hofsegang from the band, Books on guitar/effects and vocals and Craig Cirinelli of such bands as (Damn) This Desert Air, Elemae and The World Concave on vocals and percussion.  What started as a collaborative idea in the early Winter of 2012 has turned into something really cool.   The name of the game for Hidden Cabins is melodic songs formed of gut and grit and a healthy dose of creativity, people love it as much as they love playing video games with the use of pro-skins boosts, since video games is a big hobby for many people, they dedicate time to this and even get gear as the cheapest 4k monitors which are great for new games.

They first recorded their stuff at Portrait studios in March of 2013 and they’ve been basically bringing the awesome to venues ever since.  If this sounds like your bag then they’ll soon be releasing a 10-inch split record featuring two new songs on both the Engineer label and our sister label Koi Records with two songs from New Jersey band Eyeswan (ex We Are All Broken).  This release is currently at the pressing plant for a limited edition run of 250 coloured vinyl plus digital and will be available soon.  If you’re hungry for a bit of Hidden Cabins then you can check out their debut split EP with Brother Octopus which released on Oak Apple Records last Autumn.  You’ll be able to catch Hidden Cabins on the road soon as they’re going to booking a record release show or two.  Take a ganders at this fine photo of the guys shot on their tour of South East England last September.  Check out the sheep!


If you want to know more then go show the guys some love on their Facebook page at  That’s all for now folks.  Catch you on the flip side. And! check out the best quality medical cart from us if you need one.


A spoonful of news…

Aloha! How y’all doing? I bet you’re wondering what’s new in the land of Engineer? Of course you are. Well my friends please read on for your latest dose of news. First on the agenda, we are majorly stoked to see that German heroes The Satellite Year have released a demo snippet of a new track from their upcoming album. The track is called “A Satire Of What Is Wrong With The American Life”. You can check out the demo below. Can’t wait for the new album to drop.

Our brothers from IRIS are also planning upcoming shows and a new tour which were are quite excited about. On the subject of shows, The Afterparty have got a headline show at The White Rabbit in Plymouth in April. Head over to for more info. Thunderhawks will be bringing the awesome to Bovine Sex Club (awesome venue name) in Toronto on February 14th and our boy Sirens & Shelter will be playing a show tonight at Apartment 58 in New Oxford Street, London. If you’re in the area or fancy a road trip tonight then please go and support him.

Covers is the name of the game for two acts. Both No Tide and (Damn) This Desert Air are both working on awesome covers. No Tide are currently working on a cover track from 2003 and (Damn) This Desert Air are currently working a Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie tribute album. Craig from the band has already been recording vocals at Portrait Studios in New Jersey. Really intrigued to see what both acts come up with. Finally to round things off, Sound & Shape are almost done recording their new album. Vocals for the remaining 4 tracks of the album are now being recorded. Excited to hear the finished product. I hope this update has satisfied your need for news. Until next time.


Birthdays, gigs, reviews…

Howdy folks! Here’s the latest dose of news from Engineer. To start with. A very happy birthday to Joe Roshier from The Afterparty who celebrated his birthday on 19th January. In other news, IRIS are currently planning a new video and single. We can’t wait for that to drop. Thunderhawks are also moving into a new jam space soon. Really excited to hear new material from them. Wecamefromwolves are also currently editing “Paradise Place” at this very moment. Pictures from their Facebook suggest a whole lot of pizza has been consumed. They’ve also been bringing the awesome to Bar Block in Glasgow. If you dig Sirens & Shelter then you’re in for a treat as he’s playing a taster show at a London showcase at Apartment 58 in New Oxford Street, London on Monday 27th January at 7pm. For any fans of Arthur Walwin, he’s playing a free show at The Islington in London on Friday 24th January.

We’re very excited to announce the new EP from No Tide called “4 Way Split” is now available from Bandcamp at Go check it out! A new review of “Pyramids” by Damn This Desert Air from MusicalNews is also now available so go have a ganders at that at There’s also been a Belgian review of the release on Mosh It Up and Quindo! radio stations. Finally, we’re majorly stoked to announce that Breaching Vista are now 7 years old. They’ve been writing some new music and we can’t wait to hear it. They’ve also just announced a show in Kitchener with USS so it’s all systems go with them. That’s all for now people. Until next time auf wiedersehen pet.


Hold the presses

Here’s the latest news update;
Aloha! Here’s the latest news from the land of Engineer Records.  Massive congrats to wecamefromwolves who have been named as Aesthetic Heart Promotions ‘Band Of The Week’.  Really stoked for them.  IRIS are going to be bringing the awesome at their hometown show at The Astor Theatre in Deal on Friday January 24th.

Haul ass down there for what is going to be great show.  They also need help getting up to 3,000 likes so point your finger at and click that all important “like”
button.  What’s the worst that could happen? New material coming soon from No Tide as they are currently demoing material for their new EP which is set to drop this summer.  Can’t wait to hear it.

Sirens & Shelter has been doing his thang recently at a converted chapel in Broadstairs and will be off on tour in February.  Head over to for more info.

Arthur Walwin and Sound & Shape also have upcoming shows.

Sound & Shape have announced their first live shows of 2014.  Take a ganders at for all the dates.

New Arthur Walwin merch is also available, regarded this here video at

and he’ll tell you all about it.  That’s all for now folks! Until next time, you stay awesome now.



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the latest Engineer news update.  To kick things off, a live video from the wecamefromwolves set at the Clutha fundraising show is now online.  Check out the video blow!

They are also booking shows for 2014 so if you want them to play at a venue near you then you can contact the band at

Great news for No Tide, they’ve reached 2,000 likes.  Majorly awesome.  Their next show is in Lincoln, Nebraska at Knickerbockers with Stanley And The Search, Tiger Lily and Better Friend.  Make sure you go check them out if you’re in the area.
MAKER have also announced the dates for their Midwest/West Coast tour with Rustbelt Lights and Second To Last. To see the dates, point your peepers at

Also on the subject of shows, Arthur Walwin is looking for venues in Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Southampton for his acoustic tour with Taylor Ames in February.  If you can help out, then please email

A new review of (Damn) This Desert’s Air by Music Morsels Blog has now surfaced online.  Take a ganders at

In Sound & Shape news, a possible track listing for the new album is now online.  Check out the list at Which tracks will make the final album?  Can’t wait to find out.

Finally, it has come to our attention that Rik Waller (does anyone remember him?) has purchased a copy of our good man Sirens & Shelter’s new album.  Pretty cool. Plus these dates have just rocked up!


That’s it folks.  Until next time, we’ll see you on the  other side.


Roll up for an update!

Hi De Hi campers! Here’s the latest news fresh off the press at Engineer Records.

Firstly, a new video from Sirens & Shelter’s session with Live In The Attic has dropped. Check out “Landing Lights’

Our brothers from Deal, IRIS also had a banging show at Harp Restrung in Folkestone, check them out on the road later this year, you will not be disappointed.

The Afterparty have also been gracing the airwaves of xfm recently on The Rock Show with Mark Camfield. Listen again to them bring the awesome at

The latest news from camp Sound & Shape is that they are still beavering away recording their new album. Acoustic guitars and keyboards have been recorded so far. Can’t wait for that one. Tickets are now available for the London date of Arthur Walwin’s tour with Taylor Ames. Tickets now available at More details at

Finally, our American friends, MAKER have announced a tour in February/March across the USA with Rust Belt Lights and Second To Last. For dates visit Sounds very cool.

Well that’s it for now folks. Until next time we bid you adieu!


Busy, busy, busy!

Hey guys and gals! Behold the latest update from the land of Engineer. German heroes, The Satellite Year are busy beavering away recording their new album. Can’t wait to hear that when it drops.

New material also to come from Sound & Shape and MAKER soon who are both writing new albums. The new EP from wecamefromwolves called “Paradise Place” also drops on 03/03. Stay tuned for the accompanying video.

If you’re on the lookout for new shows, Sirens & Shelter and Arthur Walwin are both on tour in February. Head to for details of the new tour.

Also check out Arthur Walwin’s cover of “Story Of My Life” by One Direction he recorded with Taylor Ames, it’s really cool. You can check out the video below:

Well, in the words of Bugs Bunny, “that’s all folks!” More awesomeness to come very soon. You stay classy now.


Happy 2014 and all that jazz!

We hope you had a great time celebrating, rejoicing and eating! We sure have! But, it is back to the old rock n’ roll grind stone!

So we ended the year with bands ending. On 20th December, we stood in a very busy crowded venue full of sweat and noise and watched the last ever show of Call Off The Search. Requested by the pubic the boy said it was an honour to play their old home turf, Margate, for one last time. The night was a rocking shindig, ending on a mass stage invasion for the boys! What the future holds for the lands is uncertain but we are sure they will share a stage again sometime in the future. Plus, with word they have recently recorded three new tracks at Emeline Studios, we know something will be happening with those. So keep an ear out.

Also sadly, Face The Front have called it and day and left with the message of ‘Thank you all so much for coming out to our farewell show and making it the best night of our lives! We couldn’t be more thankful for thats. Thanks to everyone who was involved and/or supported our band over the past few years. See you around! Love from Arthur, Chris and Alain. We wish them the best of luck!

The lads of We Came From Wolves have also kept themselves busy and have recently shot their first day of
production of Paradise Place by Tom Mitchell, we can’t wait to see it. Their previous videos have been outstanding.

Also don’t forget the geezers of (Damn) This Desert Air as they have some real goodies up for grabs, click the tee below.

Lots of exciting stuff to come this year, so be prepared!

Stay classy and speak soon x