Friday News For You

Howdy campers! Here’s the latest update from Engineer land.  Firstly, IRIS have been busy promoting their new single ‘Haunted’.  You can check out a review of the single from Hit The Floor Magazine at  Wecamefromwolves have released the official video to their new track ‘Paradise Place’ today and we’re really excited to see it.  You can check it out below.  Let us know what you think…

On the subject of gigs, No Tide are playing at Vega in Lincoln, Nebraska tonight from 6pm.  If you’re in the area then go check them out.  MAKER have also got a very busy weekend of shows planned.  They’ll be in Denver, Colorado at 7th Circle Collective tonight from 7pm. They’ll be in Lincoln, Nebraska at Vega with No Tide on Saturday from 6pm and they’ll be in Springfield, Missouri at Obec from 6.30pm.  Go check them out if you can.  We’re still very excited about the new EP from The World Concave, ‘Feed The Current To The Ground’ and can’t wait to hear it when it drops on 31st March.

Finally, we’re pleased to hear that Arthur Walwin had a great time on his UK tour.  He’s currently taking a break to do some writing and work on his new album.  We look forward to hear what he’s got in store.  That’s everything for now folks.  Have a great weekend!


The World Concave Are Back!

Hey everyone! Great news, The World Concave are back!  They release their new EP ‘Feed The Current To The Ground’ on March 31st and we’re super excited to hear it.  Here’s what the band had to say about their new release…

1. Escalator
2. Hang On To Your Arms
3. Out Of Phase
4. Bars
5. Where Do We Go?
6. Come My Way My Lady
Four years ago, The World Concave surfaced with their debut release Harbor almost by accident, metaphorically speaking.  Better explained, the situation was a non-chalant agreement between friends from past songwriting situations, combining years worth of ideas, sporadic songwriting bursts and a common desire to finely tune their audio, into a mini-album of sorts.  Along with a few newly inspired songs, the result was a 7-song broadstroking yet consistently flowing EP that went well-received by those that listened, gaining exposure in the form of positive reviews and compilation appearances. The completion of Harbor kept the spark lit, leading to a follow-up single one year later for the digital single “Loom,” a song instantly capturing the melancholic intrigue of their previous release, yet sounding as if on a more instantly digestible path.  “Loom” doubled as a video release, landing a premiere on the front page of BlankTV and in it’s partner YouTube channel.
The World Concave_Feed The Current To The Ground_750x750
On March 31st, 2014, The World Concave and Engineer Records are ready to usher forth a new chapter to this ongoing studio-band project, with a set of 6-new songs entitled Feed The Current To The Ground, engineered and mixed by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios.  Present are the pendulum of moods this group likes to swing upon, from witty, spirited indie-rock, to pensive, ambient folk moments flowing naturally throughout.  Included in their multi-instrumental sound, are a new batch of guest musicians, adding flourishes of piano, strings, various percussion and even electric pianos that are protected with the right electric piano cover.
Like it’s predecessors, Feed The Current To The Ground is an EP which takes the listener on an an infusing journey, yet never tiring them from reaching the end.  It’s safe to say the aptly coined “heady music for the heavy hearted” tag bestowed upon The World Concave in a previous press release won’t be leaving them any time soon…and that’s quite alright as far as we’re concerned, as long as it keeps sounding as interesting as this.
•  For fans of Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf, Wintersleep, R.E.M., Rogue Wave, The Smiths, Desaparecidos, The Head and The Heart, Cursive
•  The World Concave previously featured on compilations from Exploding In Sound (USA); Pacific Ridge Records (USA); Oak Apple Records (Canada) alongside artists such as Crippled Black Phoenix, Wintersleep, Open Hand, Old Canes, The Twilight Sad, Caspian, We Were Promised Jetpacks and more.
•  Previous releases Harbor (2010) and Loom-single (2011) released on Engineer Records.
•  Engineered/Mixed by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios, Pompton Plains, NJ.
•  The World Concave consists of members from (Damn) This Desert Air, Hidden Cabins and ex-members of M.N.B. and Elemae.

Stay tuned for 31st March people! Something awesome is going to happen.


New material…

Hello there! Here’s what’s new in the world of Engineer.  Firstly, The Satellite Year have released another demo snippet of a new song from their upcoming album which we are really excited about.  Have a listen to it below and let us know what you think…

IRIS have also released a new single from their forthcoming album.  The track is called ‘Haunted’ and we really like it.  The track is available to download on the 24th February.  Check out the cool video to the track below…

No Tide are busy limbering up for their show at Vega in Lincoln, Nebraska this Saturday.  If you’re in the area then you need to haul ass to the show.  The show starts at 6pm and tickets are $7.  Head to for all the info.  Our American friends, MAKER have added new hoodies to their webstore.  Check them out below….


You can buy them from for a princely sum.  Sirens & Shelter has been very busy on his winter tour and finished last night with an epic show supporting the amazing Matt Pryor along with Alison Weiss.  Head to to see all the tour photos.  Finally, it’s now 3 days till Breaching Vista open for USS at Wax in Kitchener.  If you’re in the area then you need to head to the show and witness something great.  That’s all for now folks.  see you next time!


A Little Update For Y’all

Howdy campers! Just a little Engineer Records update for you.  On the subject of tours, Arthur Walwin’s UK tour has now started.  It kicked off at Roadhouse in Birmingham last night.  Check out this photo of Arthur doing his thang…


Have a ganders at Arthur’s Facebook at to see the rest of the tour dates.

Sirens and Shelter’s tour is currently on the road and is going on till Sunday where he will play at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells supporting Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids on his acoustic tour.  Check out this photo of Scott signing a copy of his new album for a fan…


Head to to see the remaining dates on the tour.

MAKER are currently on tour around the US and have got shows in El Paso, Texas tonight, Mesa, Arizona on Saturday night and Santa Ana, California on Sunday night.  Check for the full lowdown on the tour.  They’ve also got a show with label mates No Tide on Saturday March 1st at Vega in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Damn) This Desert Air will also be playing at Court Tavern in New Brunswick, New Jersey on  Friday April 4th with some other cool bands.  Check out the poster below…


Finally The World Concave are back and will be dropping some new material on us on March 31st.  Really excited to hear new stuff from them.  Anyhoo, that’s it for now. Have a great weekend y’all!


So What’s New?

So how y’all doing? Here’s what’s going down Engineer wise.  To start with, No Tide are gearing up for their show with MAKER, Rust Belt Lights, Second To Last and These Friends Of Mine at Vega which is happening on 1st March.  Tickets cost $7.  It’s sure to be an awesome show so go check them out.    MAKER’s new split 7″EP is now available to purchase from  You can see a picture of the shiny new EP here…


MAKER are also currently on their US tour and you can catch them in Dallas, Texas at Sons Of Hermann Hall tonight.  Sirens & Shelter is currently tearing up venues on his winter tour.  If you want to catch some awesome acoustic music then head to Lady Luck in Canterbury tomorrow night from 8pm.  Check out this photo of him at the Folkestone show at Harp Restrung last night…

Wecamewolves also had a good old chinwag with ‘Rock Britain’ the other day.  If you want to check out the interview then click on



Finally, the fantastic Arthur Walwin starts his UK tour with Taylor Ames tonight at Roadhouse in Birmingham.  Head to his Facebook page at for the full lowdown on when and where he’s touring.  That’s everything for now folks.  Make sure you stay awesome now.


Videos, shows and automobiles

Bonjourno! Here’s the latest Engineer update.  To start with, The Afterparty have finished shooting the video for their new single ‘When The Lights Go Out’ with Jordan Green.  The video will be available for your viewing pleasure in the next few weeks.  We can’t wait to see it.  Check this below photo of the guys on set to see what they got up to…

1932218_10151877180036825_1178271842_nWecamefromwolves have recently recorded an interview with the guys over at HOLDUPNOW.  You can check out what they had to say here  They also brought the awesome at their hometown show in Perth on Saturday.  Our American friends, MAKER have a brand new song up on from their split 7″ EP with Turnover, SUCH GOLD and Ivy LeagueTX. Go check it out! The EP comes out March 4th on Broken Rim Records.  Catch the guys on their US tour with Rustbelt Lights and Second To Last coming to a venue near you soon.

Our boy, Sirens & Shelter is on tour throughout this week.  Have a ganders at his tour poster to see when and where he’s playing.


You need to go see him live, you will not be disappointed.  Sirens and Shelter’s new album ‘Through The War’ is available to download from iTunes now so stop what you’re doing and download it!

Hidden Cabins are also gonna be playing a big ass show in Montreal this coming May.  ‘Pouzza Fest’ is gonna be rocking Downtown Montreal from 16th-18th May.  It looks really awesome.  Check out this poster to see the full lineup for the festival.



That’s all the news for now folks.  Catch you all later!



A Valentines Day Message

Happy Valentines Day y’all! Here’s the latest update from Engineer land.  It’s like Lego land but with less bricks lol.  Anyways, The Satellite Year will be releasing online a new demo song from their new album soon.  They’re currently taking some chill time at the moment.  Daniel from the band recently put online a picture of him in sunny Australia.  Check it out here.  It’s alright for some isn’t it? lol.


On the subject of shows, No Tide, Thunderhawks and MAKER all have shows this weekend.  No Tide are playing at Knickerbockers in Lincoln, Nebraska at 9pm this Friday, Thunderhawks are at Bovine Sex Club in Toronto, Ontario at 9pm tonight and MAKER are at Frankie’s in Toledo, OH tonight.  MAKER also have shows at Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL on Saturday and at The Demo in St. Louis, MO on Sunday this weekend.  MAKER have started their tour today with Second To Last and Rustbelt Lights.  Get the full lowdown on the tour happenings at (Damn) This Desert Air have a new show coming up in New Brunswick, New Jersey at Court Tavern with some other cool acts on April 4th.  The fun starts at 8pm.

Finally, we did write about this in the last update but it’s so cool we’re gonna mention it again.  We’re super stoked that Sirens & Shelter is going to be supporting Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids at the Tunbridge Wells date of his acoustic tour at The Forum on Sunday 23rd March.  It’s going to be a great show.  Anyhoo that’s all for now.  For all you couples we hope you have a lovely Valentines Day dinner or whatever it is your doing this evening and if you’re only date tonight is with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s then we hope you still have an awesome evening.  Laters.


Shows, shows, shows!

As the title suggests we have lots of shows to tell you about.  But first, hello! The first show we want to tell you about is The Afterparty’s new tour! Yes, that’s right, the guys are off on tour again in March with WeCaughtTheCastle and Road To Horizon.  Check this below poster for more info;


Head to The Afterparty’s Facebook to get your tickets.  Our American friends, MAKER have got a western Massachusetts show this Thursday at Instinkt Tattoos on 141 Main Street, Indian Orchard.  Special guest acts are still to be announced but it’s sure to be an awesome show.  Be at the venue from 7pm if you wanna go.  No Tide have a show this Thursday in Lincoln, Nebraska at Knickbockers with Tiger Lily, Stanley And The Search and Better Friend.  Entry is the princely sum of $5 and the show starts at 9pm.  Thunderhawks have a Valentines Day show at The Bovine Sex Club (still love this name) in Toronto, Ontario with Seas at 9pm.  If you want an alternative to the usual Valentines Day traditions then this would be a great option.

Sirens & Shelter starts his Winter tour this Saturday at The Bedford pub in Tunbridge Wells.  If blood, sweat and broken guitars are your thing then make sure you haul ass to Tunbridge Wells from 8pm.  Get the 411 on all the dates at  It looks like our latest act, Hidden Cabins had a great show at The Clash Bar last Saturday for Stripped Songs & Sing-a-longs; Batch 1 Check out the photos at  Arthur Walwin starts his UK tour next Wednesday 19th at Roadhouse in Birmingham.  Get the full scooby on dates at

Finally, to round off this rather fabulous news update we are really stoked to announce that we shall be putting out two compilation albums soon, one rock and one acoustic.  If you’re a solo artist or a band and would like to take part then you can register your interest on the Engineer Facebook at or you can email links to your music to  He’s really awesome.  Anyhoo, that’s it for now.  See y’all later!


Now that’s a HOT PEACH!


Howdy guys and gals!  Go take a ganders at this awesome band on the scene called HOT PEACH.  HOT PEACH hail from Toronto and will blast your ears with electro/power pop based awesomeness.  The band is formed of veteran folk singer/songwriter, Sarah Burton, Ramona drummer/songwriter and owner of Dunce Cap Management Inc, Jeremy Knowles and bass player Luke Stackhouse (Fred Eaglesmith).  HOT PEACH came together in the American Midwest when Jeremy and Sarah realised they had great songwriting chemistry together which resulted in the explosion of awesome that is HOT PEACH.  Through funding from FACTOR and help from recording engineers Dave Fritz and Ed Krautner (Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, Tom Cochrane and Christina Aguilera) a debut 7″ vinyl has been released and the band have toured the US last Autumn.  Go fill your faces with HOT PEACH related goodness at and y’all!


New News For Your Views

Bonjourno! Here’s the latest news update from the crazy world of Engineer.  To start with, we are majorly stoked to announce that the new album from IRIS has been mastered and will be released soon.  Very excited.  If you’re a fan of No Tide, then they have two shows in the Lincoln, Nebraska coming up.  The first one is this evening at The Bourbon Theatre with The Menzingers and Off With Their Heads from 6.30pm.  The second is on 13th February at Knickerbockers from 9pm with Tiger Lily, Stanley And The Search and Better Friend.  Go fill your face with No Tide goodness.  For more info then please visit

We’re also very pleased to announce that the new MAKER split 7″ with Turnover, Ivy League TX and SUCH GOLD is Pirate Press’ record of the week.  Well done guys! Check out the article at  Arthur Walwin has done a session for Blank TV recently.  You can see him perform his track “All For You” in what looks like someones garden here.

Finally, we have big news, I mean like drum rolls, trumpets sounding kinda news.  Are you ready? We are very pleased to announce that the fantastic acoustic duo, Hidden Cabins have officially joined Engineer Records.  We’re very excited to be working with them.  Their info will be added to the Engineer website very soon so make sure you check it out.  That’s it for now folks.  Until next time, may be the force be with you.