The EP has landed!

Hey guys! The new EP from The World Concave ‘Feed The Current To The Ground’ is now available for your listening pleasure! We’re really stoked about this release from the band featuring the awesome Craig Cirinelli of (Damn) This Desert Air, Hidden Cabins and Elemae.  Check out the below poster for details of where you can get the EP….TWC_FTCTTG square promo


Just a quickie…

Hey! Here’s a quick Engineer news update.  To start with, check out this awesome review of Zimdt’s ‘Tube Killers’ album from Sound-Phrase-Fury  THE AFTERPARTY finish their tour tonight in Newcastle as the Glasgow venue has unfortunately closed down.  Make sure you go catch them at The Head Of Steam tonight.  Check out this picture of them performing at a radio station in Coventry a day or so ago…


It’s an IRIStastic week next week with shows at Lady Luck in Canterbury on Tuesday 25th and The Ivy in Sheerness on Friday 28th! Get yourself to a show! You need to see these guys live.  Finally, wecamefromwolves are hitting Aberdeen at Cellar 35 on Friday on their UK/European tour.  Check out the below tour poster for all the other dates…


That’s all for now folks!


Something new…

Ello! Here what’s going down in the world of Engineer.  Here’s something from an old band of ours called Speedwell that we’d like to share with you.  This is a video for their track “Calling On Columbia Pike”.  It’s pretty awesome.  It’s pretty grainy and is full of old photos but it was filmed at a time before everyone had a HD camera on their phones…

‘Haunted’ by IRIS is now available to download from all major distributors! Yaaayyyy!!! Get downloading people! Wecamefromwolves are currently tearing up venues on their UK/EU tour.  Head to to see all the tour shenanigans.  They looked like they kicked ass at their Perth gig at the Words & Music Festival.

The last few T-shirt designs are available in limited sizes at the No Tide merch store.  They need to make room for new merchandise so make sure you snap up these T-shirts before they disappear forever.  Head to to browse what’s on offer.  Their recent split 7″ EP is also now available in Japan at  Finally, in No Tide news, they have a new show! They’ll be hitting up Omaha at The Hideout on May 7th.  Check out this cool poster…


The World Concave are now streaming two tracks from their brand new EP, ‘Feed The Current To The Ground’ on their Bandcamp at  Give the tracks a download and let us know what you think.  Sirens & Shelter is off on tour again next month! He’ll be playing all dates on The Live In Living Room But Not In The Living Room Spring Tour starting on Friday 18th April.  Check out this awesome poster to see who else will be joining him on selected dates…


Also head over to and send him a message with your email and you’ll get a previously unreleased 3 track EP in return.  Sounds like a great deal.  Finally, Arthur Walwin has got merch at his merch store that he would like you to buy.  He’s got cool bracelets and everything.  Head to to see what else you can get.  That’s all for now people.  We’ll see you around.


What’s New At Engineer HQ?

Howdy! Here’s what’s new at Engineer HQ.  To start with, IRIS’s new single ‘Haunted’ drops on 17th March which we are majorly stoked about and you can watch the video online now, in fact you can watch it below…

The Afterparty have unveiled some pretty cool merchandise which forms part of the pre-order bundles for their new mini album ‘Distances’.  Check out these awesome glow in the dark wristbands below…


You can also check out their new single ‘When The Lights Go Out’ on Soundcloud now at this link  wecamefromwolves launch their EP tonight at Broadcast in Glasgow tonight! Doors at 8pm. Only a few tickets left which will be sold on the door. It’s gonna be awesome!  Sirens & Shelter’s album ‘Through The War’ is available on music streaming service, Deezer.  Go check it out!  Proof is in the picture below…


Finally across the pond, Hidden Cabins are playing this event at the end of the month. Check out the cool event poster…


Well that concludes this small update.  Until next time…


Begin Transmission…

Howdy folks!  Here’s the latest goings on in the world of Engineer Records.  To start with, wecamefromwolves have been very busy.  God Is In The TV zine have featured their new ‘Paradise Place’ video on their website, check out the article at and they have also been featured in the Herald Scotland.  Check out this picture from the paper…


The band have also got a competition running on their Facebook.  Head over to for details of how to enter and what you could win.  No Tide are positively exploding with news at the moment but they haven’t revealed anything yet so stay tuned for further updates.  The World Concave’s new album, ‘Feed The Current To The Ground’ is now available for advance ordering.  To order the album you need to email  The price is $5 ($7 including shipping).  Here’s a picture of a hand holding said album…


Check out this picture of Sirens & Shelter and a dude modelling his T-shirt.  Pretty cool…


Hidden Cabins had a great show at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, New Jersey last Saturday.  Have a ganders at this very colourful picture below…


Finally, Breaching Vista kicked some musical ass supporting Kim Mitchell last Saturday in Guelph.  Take a look at the below shot from the concert…


They’ve just released the video to a new song called ‘Your Calling’ on Instagram which we are very excited about.  Check out the video at or email the band at and they will send you the full studio version.  That’s all for now folks! You stay classy now.



Happy Friday!

Happy Friday people! Hope all is well.  Here’s the skinny on what’s new here at Engineer.  To start with, Scottish legends, wecamefromwolves have been featured on the A Badge Of Friendship compilation called ‘Rocking Your Face Right Off Your FACE!’ which is really cool.  You can check out the compilation on Soundcloud at this link .  Shane from No Tide has got himself a new toy, a shiny new guitar.  Check out his happy face in this photo…


Look out for it at future gigs.  If you’re a fan of MAKER, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now buy their recent four way split EP on iTunes.  Head to this link and get purchasing!  Sirens & Shelter had a good gig in Dartford, Kent last night.  There was even a bit of a ruckus between two geezers.  Scott’s fine so don’t worry lol.  Check out the ‘mic shot’ below…


(Damn) This Desert Air’s ‘Pyramids’ album has recently been reviewed by  They seemed to really dig it which is really cool.  You can check out the review here  Arthur Walwin is currently working hard recording his new album.  The latest report on his Facebook page is that 2 tracks have been have been recorded in two days so he’s definitely powering through.  Keep up to date with the album progress at  Finally, check out this shot of Breaching Vista supporting USS last week.  It’s pretty awesome…


Right, that’s everything for now people.  Enjoy your weekend whatever you’re doing and we’ll see you soon!


International Songwriting Competition 2013 Finalists Announced!

Hey everyone! The International Songwriting Competition 2013 (ISC) finalists have been announced!  The contest, which we at Engineer Records, support has been called ‘the songwriting competition to take note of’ by the New York Times.  Finalists have been chosen from 124 countries worldwide.  The ISC gives away more than $150,000 in cash and prizes which is really cool.  This obscene amount of money includes a Grand Prize for the winner of $25,000 and over $40,000 in cash and prizes.  The winner will be announced at the end of April, 2014.

Judges for this year are made up of a variety of popular recording artists and include: Tom Waits, Imagine Dragons, Nas, Martina McBride, Bernie Taupin (Elton John lyricist), Selina Gomez, Florida Georgia Line, McCoy Tyner, Garbage (remember them?), Bruce Hornsby (he wrote that song that everyone knows but can never name), Brian Setzer, Gerald Casale (Devo), Monte Lipman (President of Universal Republic), Dan McCarroll (President of Capitol/Virgin Label Group); and many, many more.  Phew! Sounds like an amazing group of judges.

You can check out the full list of 2013 ISC finalist here  Over the years, the ISC has become a benchmark for songwriter talent and winning the competition has boosted many acts careers.  Previous winners have included Bastille and Passenger.  We wish all the finalists the best of luck.  For more info about the ISC please point your clickers to



Hump Day Update

Jambo! (That’s Kenyan for hello, see you learnt something there now didn’t you).  Here’s the latest update from Engineer Records.  To start with, IRIS appeared on CSR FM yesterday to talk about their new single.  Check out a picture of them in the studio.  Look at those happy faces…


The new album will be released very soon.  Wecamefromwolves’s new ‘Paradise Place’ EP has been featured on The Vinyl District website.  Check out the article at  They’ve also got the launch for the EP on Thursday 13th March at Broadcast in Glasgow.  Tickets for the show can be purchased at

Sirens & Shelter played a sneaky quiet show at The Bull and Vic in Dartford last night.  Check out ‘the mic shot’ from the show…


Look out for him on the road again soon.  Hidden Cabins are going to be playing at Jonah’s onelinedrawing New Jersey album release shows on Friday 18th April.  More info can be found at  (Damn) This Desert Air  have been featured in Spanish magazine, RockZone.  You can check out a review of the ‘Pyramids’ album in the Criticas section (to read the article it would help if you can read Spanish or if you have access to Google Translate).  Take a ganders at the magazine by clicking here  The guys are on page 78.  Finally, Breaching Vista have got a show this Saturday supporting Kim Mitchell at Guelph Concert Theatre.  Head to for info on how to get tickets for the show.  That’s all for now people.  Have a happy hump day!


It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Hey guys! We much news the share with you.  To start with there is much news from the IRIS camp.  The guys at Already Heard have streamed the new single ‘Haunted’ on their website which is pretty cool.  Check it out at  The guys will also be riding the local radio airwaves soon to promote the single and the new album.  The below poster was posted as a teaser….


IRIS will also be playing a show in Canterbury at Lady Luck with label mates wecamefromwolves and some other cool acts on Tuesday 25th March at 8pm if you want to go see them live.  They always put on a good show so you won’t be disappointed.  The Afterparty go on tour very soon with We Caught The Castle and Road To Horizon.  Tickets are available at this link and you can see all the dates on the below poster….


Wecamewolves’ new EP ‘Paradise Place’ is now available to download! Yayyyy!!!! You can listen/download it from iTunes at  Make sure you catch them playing with IRIS on Tuesday 25th March.  Sirens & Shelter had a great gig last Saturday at The Barge in Gillingham and even had a short story about bugs given to him by two little girls which was attached to his album.  Head to to see the pics.

Hidden Cabins have got a new show on Saturday 8th March from 8pm with some other great acts at Court Tavern in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  If you want to see some acoustic awesomeness then go check them out.  You can see the poster for the show here…


(Damn) This Desert Air have been made Audioeclectica’s band of the week which is pretty awesome.  You can check out the article at  Finally, check out the new photos added to Breaching Vista’s ‘View From The Stage’ album on Facebook.  It’s a pretty cool idea.  Head to their Facebook at to see the photos.  Phew! That’s all for now folks.  More awesomeness from the land of Engineer will be coming your way very soon.  Ciao!