It’s News Time!

Hey guys! Here’s some new news for you.  To start with, our newest recruit Kate Wintie has been featured on BBC Introducing which is majorly awesome!  You can check out the show at Kate’s featured 25 minutes in.  Kate was described by the presenter as a ‘female Frank Turner’ which is a pretty cool compliment.  She’s also been busy playing shows with the likes of Provincial Archive.  In The Satellite Year news, they are busy recording their new album and have released the below picture as a teaser…


Modern Vinyl are now streaming ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ from No Tide’s upcoming new EP ‘Daydream’.  You can check out the track at  It’s really cool.  Sirens & Shelter performed two great sets at Unfest 2014 in Tunbridge Wells last weekend.  Check out this mic shot from his stint in the garden of the Tunbridge Wells Forum… click here for pergolas in Pennsylvania.


Finally, whilst Arthur Walwin is busy beavering away on his new album please feel free to check out his last recording on iTunes.  You can find his music here He’s a great artist so you won’t be disappointed.  That’s it for now people.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little news update.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.



Hey guys! Hope all is well.  Just a quick update to let you know about some upcoming shows.  First off we have No Tide, who are performing at Knickerbockers on Friday May 30th in Lincoln, Nebraska from 9pm.  Entry is the princely sum of $5. Check out the poster below…


Secondly, we have a New Hidden Cabins show to tell you about.  They’re playing at Milford Dairy Bar in Milford, Pennsylvania on Saturday June 28th from 2pm.  Have a ganders at the poster below…


Lastly, if you haven’t checked out the new EP from our latest addition, Kate Wintie then you really need to go check it out.  It’s a really awesome EP and it’s free to download so what are you waiting for? Check it out at

That’s it for now folks.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little update.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon. Cheers.





Our newest recruit’s new EP is now available!

Our newest addition to Engineer Records’s new EP is now available digitally on Bandcamp.  That’s right, Kate Wintie awesome debut self titled EP is now available for your listening pleasure! You can stream/download the EP from Bandcamp at  Go get downloading people!


Ladies and gentlemen, Kate Wintie!


Hey guys! We’re really stoked to introduce to you the newest addition to the Engineer family, Kate Wintie.  We’re very excited about recruiting this little lady, as she is quite frankly awesome and get this; she’s the first female solo artist ever to be signed by Engineer Records! It’s a new chapter for the label.  Kate is based in the seaside town of Folkestone and has been active in the local music scene for many years.  She is really excited to be joining us and had this to say ‘massively happy to have been recently signed by Engineer records. These guys have an awful lot of faith in me, and are willing to do a great deal, I’m really excited to begin working with them, and being a part of the family… especially being the first ever female solo artist to be signed to them, very cool’.

Kate exploded onto the scene back in 2009 when she formed an acoustic duo with her brother Andy.  She then moved on to form the hardcore quartet, Yamaharahara in 2010 and they toured around the country with bands like Jet Pack and Engineer veterans, IRIS. A massive love for live performance was born during that time.  Now she has honed her craft and branched out as a proper solo artist bringing her heart-felt emotional songs formed around memories and moments to the masses.  Kate describes her music as ‘humble, open, bright and powerful, with a slice of English modesty lyrically.  Her performance is also described as ‘captivating, emotional and overwhelming’.

We totally agree with that statement as Kate is an astounding live performer who delivers every song with such presence, power and raw emotion that you’re instantly captivated.  She has gigged and toured on the acoustic scene since November 2013 with some talented artists including Engineers very own Sirens & Shelter.

Her soon to be released EP is already generating some buzz around the local music community at great live shows and we can’t wait to share it with you all.  We’ve had a listen already and it’s simply brilliant.  Her EP is now available on Bandcamp  at and will be released on Engineer Records very soon.

So yeah, ladies and gentlemen, we are very pleased to introduce you to the magnificent Kate Wintie.  Go give her page a like at or you can follow her on Twitter at


Busy being awesome

Morning guys!  Here’s whats happening in the world of Engineer.  First off, The Satellite Year are currently recording bass for their new album, Brooklyn I Am.  Check out a pic below…


More photos from the Something Loud! event have surfaced online, including this awesome shot of IRIS tearing it up.


Check out the rest of the shots at  In No Tide news, they have added two new shows.  Details are below…

June 6th Allston, MA – Mass Apparel (Acoustic Show W/ Storm The Bay) FREE
June 17th Moline, IL – Bierstube

Make sure you go check them out.  They’ve also got a fan who’s travelling around the world and taking pics in different locations wearing his No Tide t-shirt which is very awesome.  Check out this pic of the dude in Volos, Greece…


Remember that new track we said was coming from Thunderhawks? Well here it is! The track ‘Got You Down’ premiered on Sunday and it’s really cool.  Have a listen for yourself at  Our American brothers Hidden Cabins had a blast at Stella in Toronto at the weekend with Canadian hero Ryan Mills and Neal Lyons.  Great to see them kicking musical ass together.  Check out this pics of the venue A board…


Finally, check out this really cool remix of ‘Someone Who Knows’ by Arthur Walwin.  We don’t get many remixes round here so it’s pretty awesome.  Check out the track at  That’s it for now people.  We hope you enjoyed reading this little update.  We’ll be in touch with more awesome news very soon.  Have a good day y’all!


Exciting stuff

Hey guys!  Hope you’re all good and looking forward to the weekend.  Here’s a little news update for your reading pleasure.  To start with, Ryan Mills and Hidden Cabins are rocking it together with Neal Lyons at Stella in Toronto, Canada tonight at 9pm EDT. If you’re in the area then make sure you check the guys out.  Have a look at the poster below…


Also if you want to see some photos of Come The Spring and IRIS kicking some musical ass with some other cool acts then make sure you head to  and check out the Something Loud! photo album we’ve shared.

Thunderhawks are back! They’ll be releasing a new song on Sunday so make you head to to check the new song when it’s released.  Sirens & Shelter is also back on the gigging scene.  He’ll be playing a charity fundraiser for National MS Society this Sunday at The Pavilion in New Ash Green with some other cool acts.  He’ll be on at 5pm so if you wanna go see him play then make sure you head down there.  Finally Arthur Walwin is playing this awesome charity festival at The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham.  Check out the below poster for more info.


Anyhoo, that’s it for now.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little update.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.  Have a great weekend y’all!


Ads And Live Footage

Hey guys! Time for a quick update.  First of all, check out our new ad in Big Cheese Magazine.  Looks pretty cool right?


In No Tide news, they’ve released on YouTube one of the songs from their new EP ‘Daydream’ called ‘Where We Went Wrong’.  Check it out at this link…

Finally, the Something Loud! charity event last Saturday was off the hook awesome and featured amazing performances from a variety of acts including Red Light Runner, IRIS and Come The Spring.  Some live footage was shot at the show so if you’re a fan of Come The Spring or IRIS then you’re in for a treat.  Check out ’24’ by Come The Spring below (the sound comes in at 41 secs as someone forgot to turn the mic on lol) and a double header of ‘Lights At Ten’ and ‘Second Best’ by IRIS (performance contains strobing and a bit of swearing) underneath…

That’s it for now folks.  We hope you enjoyed reading this little update.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.


Gigs, Gigs, Gigs!

Hey guys! Quick news update for you.  It’s mainly all about gigs and shows at the moment.  First off, IRIS are playing at the Tin Soliders album launch at The Black Heart in Camden, London next Tuesday which is going to be really cool.  If you’re in the Omaha area then you need to go check out No Tide at The Hideout tonight with Californian band Moonraker.  The fun starts at 8pm.

Come The Spring have come again and it’s Spring! Lol. Get to Platform 5 in Ashford this Saturday from 7pm to see these guys kick some musical ass!  They’re also be playing with the following acts…


There’s exciting news to come from Sirens & Shelter soon.  The mailing list EP deal also ends tomorrow so if you want a copy of the EP then you’d better be quick.  Just send your email address to  The Hidden Cabins/Eyeswan split EP will be released digitally on Monday 12th May so make sure you go download it.  There’s a 2 track sampler available to listen to at  Finally, Arthur Walwin has joined the lineup for this awesome charity festival.  Check out the poster below…


If you’re in the Nottingham area then you really should check out the show.  Anyhoo that’s it for now.  We hope you enjoyed reading this little update.  We’ll be back in touch with more awesome news very soon.


The New Hidden Cabins/Eyeswan Split EP Is Almost Upon Us!

That’s right people! The new Hidden Cabins/Eyeswan Split EP is going to be available very soon.  We’re majorly excited about this.  Just take a look at the awesome artwork below…


As the artwork suggests, the EP is going to be called ‘Weathered’ (hence the tree). As a taster for you lovely people both acts have put one of their tracks from the split on their respective Bandcamps.  Hidden Cabins have released their track ‘Feeding Time’ and Eyeswan have released their track ‘The Cannibal’ (can you sense a theme here?) How cool is that?  To check out the tracks you need to head to or to  The split EP will be released on 7” and digitally very soon.  Have a ganders at the really cool EPs. They’re different colours and everything…


We’ve listened to the tracks and they’re awesome so go check them out yourself and let us know what you think.  Happy listening!


For Your Reading Pleasure

Hey guys! Quick update for you.  To start with, IRIS have finished their recent tour and judging by this photo they had a great time…


They’ll be on the road again soon so make sure you go check them out.  In fact, if you’re in the Ashford area then come check the guys out at a big charity event called ‘Something Loud!’ this Saturday at Platform 5 from 7pm.  MTS Collective are now streaming No Tide’s new single ‘Only Alone’ from their forthcoming EP at  Go check it out! The guys are also on tour next month as well with Storm The Bay and Traditions.  Check out the tour dates below…

5.30.14- Lincoln, NE
5.31.14- Moline, IL
6.2.14- Kent, OH
6.4.14- Buffalo, NY
6.5.14- Syracuse, NY
6.6.14- Boston, MA
6.7.14- Staten Island, NY
6.8.14- Providence, RI
6.10.14- Springfield, MA
6.11.14- Mystic, CT
6.13.14- Harrison, NJ
6.20.14- Oklahoma City, OK
6.21.14- Salina, KS

Sirens & Shelter’s new ‘The Blue House EP’ is still available.  All you need to do is send him your email address via a message at  Your email address will only be used for Sirens new mailing list and not for any other purpose so don’t worry.  Finally you can check out a live video of an old Hidden Cabins track called ‘Fallen Palaces’ from their recent show at Clash Bar by clicking on this link  It’s a pretty awesome track.  Anyhoo, that’s it for now.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little update.  We’ll be back in touch with more awesome news very soon.