Monday Madness

Howdy doody! Here’s some new news for you.  To start with Kate Wintie has got a new show at Zaid Bar in Camden, London this Sunday from 7pm.  If you’re in the area then you should go check her out.

There’s an awesome cover of ‘Feeding Time’ by Hidden Cabins from Canadian hero, Nathaniel Sutton on the new ‘Band Together’ compilation we released on Friday.  Check it out at  Lots of Engineer acts are involved in this compilation so please download it and give what you can.  Your support is majorly appreciated.  Mass Movement magazine have done a feature on the compilation which you can check out at

IRIS have got a string of shows coming up this month.  Point your peepers below to see where they’re playing below;




In No Tide news you can check out a live video of their song ‘Forward Eyes’ from their recent show at Knickerbockers in Lincoln, Nebraska below.  Looks like they had a rocking time;

They’re also making a new tour announcement very soon so we wait in anticipation for the awesome news.  It’s now only two weeks till wecamefromwolves play at T In The Park. They’ll be on the T-Break stage at 12.30 on Saturday 12th July.  We’re really stoked for them.

Finally here’s a mic shot from Sirens & Shelter (we’ve missed these) from his show at Skuba in Folkestone. Can you spot Kate Wintie in the background?


Scotty boy will be on the road again next month so stick around for more news from him very soon.  That’s all for now folks.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this little update.  We’ll be back in touch with more awesome news very soon.  Au revoir!


Engineer Records Episode VI: Return Of Hidden Cabins

Hey guys! We’ve got a new tour to tell you about.  It’s the new Live In The Living Room But In The Living Room Sweet-Ass Summer Tour and it features the awesome return of Hidden Cabins to the UK.  The 6 date tour of the South East also features our boy Sirens & Shelter, Wheres Billy, The Diamond Hope, Red Light Runner, Alex Parker and the first lady of Engineer Records, Kate Wintie.  Check out the really cool poster designed by our brother, Craig Cirinelli below;

Live In The Living Room Summer Tour 2014_web

The tour also encompasses a great charity event called ‘For Luca 2014’ on the last date which will feature lots of amazing artists including some of the touring acts.  The tour is also sponsored by Big Cheese Magazine which is absolutely amazing news.  Make sure you get down to The Lamb in Lewes, East Sussex on Monday 14th July for the first date of what is going to be an amazing tour! All shows are free entry so there’s no excuse.  See you on tour!


Are You Ready To ‘Band Together’?

Our very great friends and colleagues at Engineer Records, the Cirinelli’s had a fire at their house and have lost most of their possessions and have been living with friends and family since. They seem to be enjoying it and making the best of it, but just so they can get a few records, clothes and maybe donuts we have put together an awesome double album with special tracks from all their friends and put it in the radio, since many people enjoy it, and some of them even get the best bathroom radio to listen it even at bath time. It’s called Band Together and you can get it for a donation, that will go straight to them at

Band Together is a double album compilation packed with great new music and also designed to help raise money for the Cirinelli family to help them rebuild their lives after losing their home in a fire. The album is available to stream and download on Bandcamp at You can either download the whole album or individual tracks for a small donation – your support will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all the acts involved in this compilation and to our friends at Oak Apple Records, Take This To Heart Records, Sareseto Records, Pacific Ridge Records, Rockstar Records, Pop Up Records and Desert Pearl Union for all their help and support. Get some new music in your life and download this album. Help us make a difference! Check out the full tracklising below;

1. Come The Spring – Maps
2. Maker – Shadows
3. The Satellite Year – Universe
4. Iris – Haunted
5. Breaching Vista – Nervous
6. Sirens & Shelter – See You Soon
7. Cody Hoffman – 4 AM
8. Dakota Drive – All My Life
9. Hawkins – Mary The Marionette
10. Alex Beharrell – White And Grey
11. The David James Rumsey Band – Precious
12. Kate Wintie – Sunnyside
13. Calido Home – Kill The Watchman
14. Books – Black, Red And White All Over
15. Alex Parker – Sun
16. The Alex Beharrell Band – Moving On
17. Oso – Superman’s Last Words
18. Cascade – Standing
19. Her Only Presence – I Wonder If There Will Ever
Be A Boy That Can Swin Faster Than A Shark
20. Nathaniel Sutton – Feeding Time
21. Wecamefromwolves – Away To Live Forever
22. Shatner – Anticlockwise
23. Hot Peach – Radio Romance
24. Red Light Runner – Better Left Unsaid
25. Scouts Honour – Broken Hands
26. Call Off The Search – Teenage Dream
27. Stanley And The Search – Anatomy
28. Life On The Sideline – Honesty Is A Dying Breed
29. Digicide – Confines
30. Wheres Billy – Not Alone
31. August Premier – A Good Day For The Birds
32. One Day Elliott – Who Am I Kidding?
33. Shoot The Pretender – LMC
34. No Tide – Where We Went Wrong
35. The Lion Faced Boy – Cripples, Bastards And Broken Things
36. Brother Octopus – Anything Is Possible (Featuring Automatic Broadcast)
37. Traditions – Progression/Regression
38. Speedwell – Calling On Columbia Pike
39. The Mockingbird Nightmare – Drag Your Feet In The Snow
40. When There Is None – Warpaint
41. Zimt – Tao Pai Pai


Shows, Festivals And Automobiles

Howdy! Here’s some new news awesomeness for you.  To start with, Kate Wintie is going to be filming the video for her single ‘Much Too Friendly’ this Sunday.  We’re looking forward to see it very much as we know it’s going to be awesome.

Come The Spring have released online an updated video for their new track ‘Memory & Resonance’ check it out below…

Hidden Cabins are playing Milford Dairy Bar in Milford, Pennsylvania as part of this awesome lineup.  If you’re in the area you really should go.  It all kicks off at 2pm.  It won’t be long before the guys over here on tour again.  More details in the below poster…


No Tide have a show at Knickerbockers in Lincoln, Nebraska tonight at 9pm with Safe To Say and Give And Take. If you’re a fan of the band or if you just want to see something cool then head along tonight.

Finally, Breaching Vista have got a show as part of the Scene Music Festival at Fiddler’s Pour House in St. Catharine’s Ontario this Sunday at 11.30pm.  If you’re in the area then you should be there.  It’s going to be really cool.  Check out the poster below…


That’s it for now folks.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little update.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.  You stay classy y’all!


New Release! New Release!

That’s right people we’ve got a new release to tell you about.  It’s from the first lady of Engineer Records, Kate Wintie.  She’s released her debut self titled EP today and it’s pretty darn awesome.  Check out the artwork below…



Kate is an astounding live performer who delivers every song with such presence, power and raw emotion that you’re instantly captivated.  Make sure you get yourself a copy of the EP today.  It’s now available from the following retailers;

iTunes –

Amazon –

Google Play –

If you want to check out Kate Wintie live (and you really should) then you can catch her on the following dates;

Sunday 29th June – Skuba, Folkestone

Sunday 6th July – Zaid Bar, Camden, London

Thursday 10th July – Lady Luck, Canterbury

Sunday 20th July – The Mermaid Festival, Folkestone

We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon so until next time…


It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Hey all! Here’s what’s happening in the wonderful world of Engineer Records.   First off, Kate Wintie went down a storm supporting Toyah Wilcox at The Astor Theatre in Deal on Saturday.  If you want to see Kate in action then you can catch her on the following dates;

Sunday 6th July – Zaid Bar, Camden, London
Sunday 29th June – Skuba, Folkestone
Thursday 10th July – Lady Luck, Canterbury
Sunday 20th July – The Mermaid Festival, Folkestone

Make sure you go check her out as she’s awesome! Come The Spring released their new single last Friday.  If you like post hardcore anthems then you’re going to love it.  Make sure you download the single now if you’ve haven’t already done so.  It’s available from the following online stores.

Amazon –

iTunes –

Google Play –

Also check out the video for the track (shot in Brighton) which is below…

Hidden Cabins are still doing their thang over in the States.  They’ll be embarking on another tour of South East England next month starting on 14th July.  More details to come on that but for now see below a dude modelling one of their awesome tees…


Finally, No Tide have been busy lately.  They’ve got a new show at Knickerbockers in Lincoln, Nebaraska this Thursday with Canadian band Safe To Say and Give And Take.  Make sure you head along if you’re in the area. They have also suggested a new tour so we will be bringing you more info on that as soon as it comes through.

That’s it for now folks. We hope you enjoyed reading this little update and we’ll be back in touch with more awesome news very soon.


The Time Is Now!

The brand new single from Come The Spring ‘Memory & Resonance’ is now available to download from all good online retailers.  Please see below for a smattering of links…

Amazon –

iTunes –

Google Play –

We’re also very pleased to unveil the awesome video for the track.  Check it out below…

Go get downloading the track people and we’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.


The Hour Is Almost Upon Us!

The new Come The Spring release, ‘Memory & Resonance’ drops tomorrow and will be available through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc, etc. Basically it’s gonna be everywhere so make sure you get your copy tomorrow!



Just A Quickie…

What’s happening people! Just a little update for you from the land of Engineer Records.  To start with, Kate Wintie’s off on the road again.  She’ll be playing at Zaid Bar in Camden, London on Sunday July 6th.  Go check her out! The Satellite Year are finishing recording guitars for their new album today.  Can’t wait to hear what the new stuff sounds like.  Check out the band indulging in some World Cup based tomfoolery in this pic below…


Tonight Hidden Cabins will be playing at Thatcher McGhee’s Irish Pub of Denville, New Jersey at 9pm.  They’ll be on the bill with some cool acts such as Jefferson and Joe Galuppo and touring man Jon Kohen from Massachusetts.  Will be a great show so head along if you’re in the area.

Arthur Walwin has been featured in the latest issue of DoMoreMag which is pretty cool. Check out the article at  Finally, you can catch Breaching Vista playing live again (yay!) at Scene Festival on Sunday June 29th.  More info on the poster below…


That’s it for now folks.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little update.  We’ll be back with more awesome news asap.  Peace out.


Who’s Ready For Herofest?

But what is Herofest I hear you ask? Well my friends, Herofest is a kick ass festival that’s held every year at The Red Lion pub in Gravesend.  It’s always packed with tons of great acts across several stages.  Since it’s inception in 2009, Herofest has raised an amazing £12,500 for charity.  The charity in question is Help The Heroes which we think is majorly awesome.

This year the festival is going to be on Saturday July 26th at the same venue and will be featuring 40 acts across four stages all for the tidy price of £6.  The lineup is currently as follows and it looks amazing.  See if you can spot some Engineer names on the list…

Bad Sign
Bender Crack Corn
Call Me Malcolm
City Of Ashes
Come The Spring
Confessions Of A King
Crow Lane
First Sign Of Light
Five Year Plan
Freedom Cage
Let The Wookie Win
Local Madman
Red Light Runner
Ruby Soup
The Chaundeliers
The Furry Lovelickers
The Sunshine Bus
Victor And The Bully

Alex Parker
Brad Harmer
Charlotte Rose Ellis
Delorean Mode
Devon And The Deep Blue Bea
Jess Toms
Kate Wintie
Lucias Malcolm
Sirens And Shelter
The Moongoats

Make sure you head down to The Red Lion in Gravesend on Saturday July 26th.  It’s going to be off the hook awesome and for a great cause too.  You’re gonna love it!