New Shows!

Hey guys! Got a new tour to tell you about.  It’s the ‘Take This To Heart Records Tour’ featuring No Tide amongst other acts.  It’s a full US tour over 3 weeks and it sounds pretty damn awesome.  Check out the full list of dates below.  If you happen to live in any of destinations then you really should head to a show;

7/30 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed
7/31 Denver, CO @ 7th Circle
8/2 Kansas City, MO @ The Litterbox
8/3 St. Louis, MO @ Cicero’s
8/4 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto
8/5 Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
8/6 Harrison, NJ @ Post 282*
8/7 Queens, NY @ Shillelagh Tavern*
8/8 Providence, RI @ Dive Bar*
8/9 Northampton, MA @ 13th Floor Lounge*
8/11 Muskegon, MI @ Temple House
8/12 Barrington, IL @ Penny Road Pub
8/13 Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Theatre
8/14 Norman, OK @ Industrial Skate Park
8/15 Dallas, TX @ Sons of Herman Hall
8/16 Austin, TX @ The Annex
8/17 San Antonio, TX @ Ten Eleven
8/19 Tempe, AZ @ 51 West

* with Traditions

Also have a ganders at the tour poster.  Stanley And The Search and Traditions who both featured on the Band Together compilation we put out recently are both on the tour as well;


Hidden Cabins have also announced two new shows.  Check out the cool posters below.  Whoever made them is a genius!



Also let’s not forgetting IRIS supporting Deaf Havana on 17th August which is very, very cool.  Check out the poster below for all the info.


Also on an unrelated note, check out this interview with wecamefromwolves at T In The Park by The AU;

Well that’s it for now folks.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.  Laters!


Big, Big Show!

Hey everyone! Absolutely awesome news to tell you about! Our brothers from Deal, IRIS are going to be supporting the amazing Deaf Havana at their Folkestone tour show! We’re soooo stoked for the guys as this is an amazing opportunity for them.  Make sure you get to the show at Folkestone Quarterhouse on 17th August.  It’s going to be very cool.  All the details are on this poster below;


See you at the show!



So Much News!

Howdy folks! Here’s what’s new with us.  Ok, so Herofest was on Saturday and my god it was cool! IRIS, Kate Wintie and Sirens & Shelter all pulled it out of the bag big style! Check out the pics below;



Kate Wintie is having a little break at the mo but stay tuned for an awesome announcement from her soon so keep ’em peeled!  Wanna see some cool videos of Hidden Cabins? Of course you do.  Well check out some tracks from their set at For Luca 2014 below;

No Tide have new merch which you’ll be able to get on their upcoming tour. Have a ganders below to see the new T-shirt design;


In Come The Spring news, they’re recording their new EP today which is going to be awesome plus head to this link to see some cool photos from their set at For Luca 2014  Sirens & Shelter has been busy this weekend playing Herofest and Create festivals and he was also made Sheppey Unsigned’s ‘Artist Of The Week’ last week.  Look at the mic shots from both festivals below;


You can also see his performance of ‘Landing Lights’ from Herofest at this link;

Breaching Vista recently did a cover of ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ at their recent.  Sounds like a great combination right? Well check out the video at and let us know what you think.  They’ve also been filming a new video at Beech Road Studios as well which we can’t wait to see.  Check out the on set photo below;


Anyhoo that’s enough from us for now.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon. Stay classy y’all!


It’s Friday!

Hey! In case you haven’t guessed (or depending what part of the world you live in) it’s Friday! And we at Engineer Records like that.  Here’s some news for you.  To start with, we’ll be revealing something very cool to you all very soon.  I’m afraid we can’t say more than that but trust us, it’s good! Is everyone in the mood for sharing the musical love? Well all our acts have Facebook and Twitter pages so it would be mega awesome if everyone could do some liking/following of pages. Our acts will be stoked for the support.

Herofest 2o14 is tomorrow! Yay! It’s gonna be so cool.  Make sure you head over to the Red Lion in Gravesend from 2pm to see lots of awesome bands including IRIS, Kate Wintie and Sirens & Shelter.  Also make sure you catch our friends in Red Light Runner too.  Have a look at the poster below for the full lineup and head to to see running orders and timings;


Hidden Cabins have a new show! It’s going to be on Saturday August 16th at Crossroads, Garwood, New Jersey with some other cool acts.  Check out the poster below;


Wecamefromwolves play the Wickerman festival on Saturday up in Scotland.  They’ll be playing the GoNorth Festival tent at 5pm.  Make sure go check them out if you can.  In Sirens & Shelter news we’re really excited to hear that he’s going to start recording his new album next week.  We can’t wait to hear what the new stuff sounds like.  In No Tide news, Mass Live have posted a great article about the video for their track ‘Where We Went Wrong’.  Read all about it here

Finally, Breaching Vista will be supporting Theory Of A Deadman tonight at Guelph in Canada.  If you want tickets for the show then you need to head to  It’s going to be a great show so make sure you don’t miss out.  All the info is on the poster below.


Well that’s it for now everyone.  Make sure you all have a great weekend and we’ll see you very soon. Laters!


Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hey guys! Phew! It’s blooming boiling over here at Engineer HQ at the moment. Shouldn’t complain though as it’s nice to have good weather.  Anyhoo, here’s a little news update for you.  To start with, Kate Wintie is sorting out something very exciting. We’re not entirely sure what it is but stay tuned for further info on that.

No Tide have revealed their Texan tour dates.  If you live in that state then you can find the band playing in the following locations;

8/15 Dallas, TX @ Sons of Hermann Hall
8/16 Austin, TX @ The Annex
8/17 San Antonio, TX @ Ten Eleven

Sirens & Shelter as well as Red Light Runner, IRIS and Kate Wintie are all playing Herofest this Saturday. Make sure you head along.  There’s 40 acts playing across 4 stages and it only costs £6 to enter which is a right bargain.  All money raised goes to Help For Heroes.  In case you’ve forgotten, have a ganders below to see who else is playing;


Scott is also playing Create Festival in Ashford this Sunday as well.  Busy weekend for him.  Check out the really colourful poster below to see who is playing on the day.  It’s free entry. Nizlopi who did that ‘JCB Song’ are headlining;


Anyone remember Theory Of A Deadman? They had that hit some years ago called ‘I Hate My Life’? Well anyway, our Canadian brothers in Breaching Vista will be supporting the Theory guys on Friday in Guelph.  Really stoked for the guys.  Tickets available on the Canadian Ticketmaster site (  Check out the cool poster below for all the info;


Well that’s it for now folks! We’re now going off in search of something cold, like maybe a swimming pool or a nice cool beer.  Stay tuned for more awesome news coming your way very soon.  Catch ya laters!



Another Day, Another Dollar…

Hey guys! Hope all is well.  Here’s what’s new in the world of Engineer Records.  Well, the Live In The Living Room But Not In The Living Room Sweet-Ass Summer Tour featuring Hidden Cabins, Sirens & Shelter and Kate Wintie is now officially over and man, it was awesome!  Check out the mic shot from Sirens & Shelter from the last show below;


If you want to check out the photos from the tour then make sure you head to  Kate Wintie has got a busy week ahead of her. You can catch her at Herofest in Gravesend this Saturday.  Check out the poster below for the full lineup;


For Luca 2014 hosted a great selection of acts including performances by all the touring acts.  Check out the photos of Hidden Cabins from the fundraiser by clicking this link  If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the day then head to  You’ll see pictures of Come The Spring kicking some serious musical ass towards the end of the album.

IRIS are going to be bringing the awesome to Lady Luck in Canterbury tomorrow from 8pm with some other cool bands.  Check the photo below for the full lowdown;


No Tide’s new EP ‘Daydream’ is still available.  Go check it out! The guys will be on tour very soon so make sure you get to a show.  You can purchase the album at  Check out the tour dates below;


Wecamefromwolves had a great time at T In The Park.  You can check out the diary they did for Scottish Fiction here  Finally, ‘Bars’ off of The World Concave’s ‘Feed The Current To The Ground’ EP is currently playlisting at the University of Maryland and getting a technology degree online. Pretty cool.  Check out the playlist at For more information related to this topic, see it here – WebDesign499.

That’s all the news we have for you guys at the moment.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.  Peace out.



Friday News Update

Hey! Hope all is well.  Here’s a quick news update for you.  From the looks of all the Facebook posts and tweets and the rave reviews from venues it looks like Hidden Cabins, Sirens & Shelter, Kate Wintie and all the other great acts are having an awesome time on the Live In The Living Room But Not In The Living Room Sweet-Ass Summer Tour.

There’s still chance for you to catch a show so make sure you head down to The Roomz in St. Leonards, East Sussex tonight from 8pm or failing that make sure you get down to Platform 5 in Ashford from 1.30pm for the awesome For Luca 2014 fundraiser.  See below to see who’s playing.  Come The Spring are playing and that can only be a good thing.  Both shows are free entry;


It’s for a very good cause which you can find out more about by clicking on  In other news, IRIS have got a show at Lady Luck from 8pm in Canterbury this Tuesday.  The guys always put on a great show so make sure you go some them play with the other great acts on the bill.  No Tide leave for their tour in less than two weeks and have lots of merch to get rid off so they can afford their van repairs.  Head to and pick up some stuff.  wecamefromwolves have been mentioned in a review of T In The Park by The Skinny.  Check out the review at

That’s all the news we have for now folks.  Have a great weekend!


In Other News…

Hey! Here’s another dose of news awesomeness for you.  To start with, Kate Wintie is gigging tonight in Canterbury at Lady Luck supporting Norwich folk punkers ‘Ducking Punches’.  The really cool poster is below (anyone remember Alf?);


“The Holding Vine” by Hidden Cabins has been included as one of the two peaceful closing tracks in this varied yet rather revved up compilation, released today by our friends at Pacific Ridge Records. Check it out at and get some new music in your life.  The guys are also almost all set to hit the road on tour.  They’ll be playing two shows in Spain with our boy Sirens & Shelter thanks to our brothers at Desert Pearl Union.  Check out the below posters to see where they’re playing;


Come the Sunday both Hidden Cabins and Sirens & Shelter will be flying back to the UK to start The Live In The Living Room But Not In The Living Room But Not In The Living Room Sweet-Ass Summer Tour on Monday.  The tour posters are below and full details can be found at  For For Luca 2014 it’s

Live In The Living Room Summer Tour 2014_web

Make sure you get yourself to a show.  Make sure you keep downloading and sharing the ‘Band Together’ compilation so we can try and raise a lot of money to help Craig from Hidden Cabins and his family.  Download the compilation at

IRIS are playing this awesome charity show on Saturday at The Ivy in Sheerness.  If you’re looking for a great night of music then get yourself down there;


Also check out some old school IRIS by watching this video;

In No Tide news, an acoustic version of their new single ‘Where We Went Wrong’ has been included on the Take This To Heart/Mayflower Collective Summer 2014 Compilation.  Check it out at Check out the video for their new single below;

wecamefromwolves have had some great news recently. They have been included in the ‘T In The Park – 12 Acts To See’ article by Scottish Fiction.  Have a ganders at the article at  ‘Paradise Place’ was also been selected as Xfm’s ‘Breakout Track’ yesterday.  Watch the video at

Finally some more great news.  Breaching Vista have been selected as one of the 25 bands to play the Breaking Bands at Big Music Fest.  1557 bands applied so we’re really stoked for the guys.  All the details you need are on the poster below so make sure you go support the guys if you can;


That’s it for now folks! We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.  In the meantime you stay classy y’all!




Something New

Hey guys! Here’s a little news update for you.  To start with, please keep on downloading and sharing the ‘Band Together’ compilation.  You support is greatly appreciated.  You can download it from Bandcamp at

Hidden Cabins, Sirens & Shelter and Kate Wintie are off on tour 1 week today! The Live In The Living Room But Not In The Living Room Sweet-Ass Summer Tour is almost upon us! You can join the Facebook event at The tour is also featured on Big Cheese Magazine’s website which is pretty damn awesome.  Check it out at  Also have a ganders at the great tour poster below;

Live In The Living Room Summer Tour 2014_web

They’re also all playing at this fantastic fundraiser below which forms the end of the tour with a whole load of great acts   Come hang out and let’s see off the tour in style!


IRIS are coming back to Canterbury to bring the awesome at Lady Luck in Canterbury on Tuesday 22nd July. They’re playing with some other cool bands from 8pm so make sure you come see them play.  The guys are amazing live.  If you missed their acoustic performance at Quiet Riot! 2014 last month then have a look at this photo from the festival to get an idea of what happened;


No Tide have got show at Duffy’s in Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday with some other cool bands so head down there in you’re in the area.  They’ll also be dropping the video for their new single ‘Where We Went Wrong’ tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled.  Wecamefromwolves are offering a prize for anyone who signs up to their mailing list so if want their last EP ‘COPE’ and a track from their latest EP called ‘Away To Live Forever’ for free then head to

Come The Spring have unveiled two possible new T-shirt designs.  Have a look at them below.  They’re pretty cool we think;


The World Concave have been featured in Mass Movement Magazine which is pretty cool.  Check the article at  Finally it looks like Sirens & Shelter had a great time at his London show. Check out the picture of his merch table below.


Don’t worry we think he managed to pay for his train ticket lol.  Scott is also off on a short tour to Spain with Hidden Cabins starting Friday thanks to our brothers at Desert Pearl Union.  Check out the poster below, if you’re in Barcelona on Friday you’re gonna be in for a treat;


That’s all for now folks! We’ll be in touch with more awesome news very soon.


Releases, Compilations And Tours

Hey y’all! Just a quick update to advise on our latest releases.  Yeah we know we’ve told you about this before but just to get it fresh in your memories here we go! First off, Kate Wintie and her debut EP ‘Kate Wintie’.  If you haven’t downloaded Kate Wintie’s debut EP then you’re really missing out! She is an astounding live performer and this EP further proves her awesomeness.  Download it now at

iTunes –

Amazon –

Google Play –

Next up, Come The Spring and their sophomore release ‘Memory & Resonance’.  If you like your post hardcore anthems then you’re gonna love this.  The rockers are back from hiatus to provide you with something really cool to listen to.  Get some new Come The Spring in your life! You can download ‘Memory & Resonance’ from the following places;

Amazon –

iTunes –

Google Play –

You can also watch the video for the track here

Next up is the Band Together compilation.  We’re extremely grateful to anyone who’s downloaded the compilation or downloaded a track off it but we need more people to do this.  41 acts have donated a track for this compilation to help raise money for our brother, Craig Cirinelli and family after their house fire so go get some awesome new music in your life and head to
You can also visit for more details.

Lastly, we have The Live In The Living Room But Not In The Living Room Sweet-Ass Summer Tour which is opening in just 10 days! Have a ganders at the poster below to see who’s appearing on the tour.

Live In The Living Room Summer Tour 2014_web

It’s going to be an awesome ride so we want to see lots of your pretty faces at the shows.  Hell, Hidden Cabins are coming over all the way from New Jersey, USA to entertain you so lets show them a good time! The For Luca 2014 fundraiser forms the finale of the tour.  Have a look at the poster to see the lineup.  Lots of great acts playing to help raise money for a little Welsh boy who’s been badly affected by Meningitis so we wanna see lots of people at Platform 5 in Ashford from 1.30pm on Saturday 19th July.


That’s all for now folks! We’ll catch you soon.