Lamp Light The Fire is back

Lamp Light The Fire 2 mini-promo
We’d like to issue our first announcement of the New Year with an update on the up and coming Lamp Light The Fire, Volume 2: A Compilation of Quiet(ER) Songs.

Those who have the Volume 1 ( know how special it was, and the second in our planned series will be no exception.
With all tracks turned in, finishing touches being added by our friend Dan Coutant of Sun Room Audio ( and production details being finalized, we’re aimed for an early Spring release date, to be announced.
Without further ado, the musicians involved in Volume 2, are:

The Big Bench (Juan of Minor Empires)
Adam Rubenstein (ex-Chamberlain)
Joe Galuppo
The World Concave
Ryan Shelkett (ex-Cross My Heart/Liar’s Academy)
Brian Rothenbeck
Sirens And Shelter
Red Light Runner
Breaching Vista
Tom LoMacchio (The Deadwood Divine)
Ashley Evans

The release will be featured on a limited CD run as well as our normal digital avenues.
We hope to put up some small bits about each act in the coming weeks leading up to the release. Stay tuned.