The story of The Satellite Year has come to an end

It’s with very heavy hearts that we pass on the news that The Satellite Year has come to an end. The band themselves explain why in this release (below) but they leave you with a discography download and plenty of great songs to remember them by. One of the very best…

“When Jens informed us at the end of october that he wants to leave the band, we were quickly sure of the fact that we couldn’t and also wouldn’t absorb the loss of another founding member.
You simply cannot replace people. As a result, Dominik wasn’t able to replace Julian, Björn wasn’t able to replace Dominik, Matthias couldn’t replace André … It’s not about being better or worse than somebody else, it’s way more about individuals implementing their own style and musical preferences into the band. Anyway, it’s almost impossible to find someone who can deal with our unique way of writing songs. Our style basically changed with every replacement.

We are ultimately thankful for everything we have been able to experience for the last ten years during our existence as a band. Thankful for every sweaty gig, every second in rehearsal, every experience, every memory and especially for every single one of you out there who supported us in any way and who our music meant something to.

We thank … Julian Lorson who founded and influenced The Satellite Year with immense creativity and tireless perfection!

André Hofer who always believed in the success of TSY and left us without bus keys in Bernkastel while he himself was on his way to Cologne, Dominik Rivinus for his calmness and the positive energy he brought into the band, Roman Freidinger for every single kilometer from Darmstadt to Saarbrücken in order to learn 15 songs in a minimum of time, Andreas Gabor for being there for us every step of the way, Sandro Marrelli for the carjacking, Sascha Lengert for your steady nerves, Phil Hillen for the unique sound of the EP, Andrea Fusini for Panini and an unforgettable Mission: Polarlights, Sascha Thom and Dennis Kniebel for your support in distributing the “Brooklyn, I AM”, David Gamage for an unforgettable tour in England as well as the distribution in the UK and the USA, Tim Masson for the longstanding trust and your unmatched good taste in music, and again we thank all the people who supported us in any way, be it with shows, food, drinks, beds, cocaine, speaking at the merch stall or whatever.

We say good-bye with a song from 2009: “Could You Try To Speak In A Higher Register“ in a new mix and master by Andrea Fusini:

Furthermore, we make our complete discography accessible to you as a free download, including all of the albums, songs and yet unpublished material:

You can be sure of one thing… we will dance to your heartbeat.



Miss Vincent are keeping busy

Alternative Press featured Miss Vincent for the first time in the December edition and you can grab a copy here:
Then the boys went out on a mini tour again, this time with Harker and local supports with five shows in four days.


Hidden Cabins play the Debonair Music Hall

Hidden Cabins, Don’t Upset The Bear & Barfunkl support Old Currents as they release their new album at the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck.


TV and radio appearances for Steve Hewitt

Whilst we wait for the final edit of ‘Pushing me away’, the new single and video from Steve Hewitt, he has been keeping busy locally with various shows, a radio appearance with Phil Mills in Tunbridge Wells on 30/11 and a slot on KMTV planned for 14/12.