One Day Elliott and The Ataris

Hey everyone, don’t forget that the rocksteady brilliance that is One Day Elliott will be supporting The Ataris, along with Slimboy, whilst they play their ‘So Long Astoria’ album in full on the 24th this month.
That’s next Saturday so make sure you get your tickets booked fast, it’s gonna be a great show!


Are we doing the best we can?

Low Standards, High Fives awesome new album “Are We Doing The Best We Can?” will be released on March 31st via ENGINEER RECORDS and we can’t wait!

There will be a release party on 31/3 at Magazzino sul Po club in Turin. Maybe we’ll see you there?!

Here’s a sneak peak of the CD cover art by Carlo Di Stefano.


New releases out now and coming soon…

White Crosses (Franken), Red Light Runner, Tonota 80, About leaving, Low Standards High Fives, Steve Hewitt, Hail Taxi, Years Before and One Day Elliott out now.
Come The Spring, Elemae, Son of the Mourning and Low Standards High Fives (again) coming very soon.


LSHF Silent Decor video is out now – prepare for a metal adventure

The brand new Low Standards, High Fives video for Silent Decor is out today.
Check it out here and prepare for an adventure as the singer of a famous heavy metal band is abducted by aliens!
The track is also available to download on all digital platforms.
This is the first single from the the upcoming album ‘Are we doing the best we can?’ released on 31st March.

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New stickers

We’ve got some new Years Before stickers in, plus a pile of older Eng Recs vinyl stickers still here too. Just drop us a line if you’d like a few.
(They are great for guitars, skateboards, schoolbooks, or just covering holes you’ve punched in walls out of sheer frustration).


‘Pushing me away’ getting lots of indie radio airtime

The new single by Steve Hewitt, Pushing Me away, is getting great reviews and lots of indie radio airtime all across a wide range of stations.
We wanted to thank those radio stations for their support of independent labels and artists and put a few links up so you can check them out. So, here’s Steve on;
Radio Six
Music Of The Future
Bombshell Radio
Where rock lives
Zone Nights
Atom Radio
UandI Radio
Higher Plain Music
Indie Radio Network
BBS Radio
MDO Radio
Control Radio
Miskin Radio
Ridge Radio
And here’s the video on EngRecsYouTube


Come The Spring’s new single ‘For What It’s Worth’ released officially today.

Come The Spring’s new single ‘For What It’s Worth’ is released officially today.
It’s available on all digital formats and platforms so go and give it a whirl!
Mixed and produced by audio magician Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios in Kent

Check out the video if you haven’t done so already.

The new album ‘Echoes’ drops on 9th March.


Low Standards, High Fives new single, Silent Decor, is out now

The first single ‘Silent Decor’ from Low Standards, High Fives upcoming album ‘Are We Doing The Best We Can?’ is out now!
Listen on Bandcamp here:
Or go get it on amazon, iTunes, spotify, etc.
#indierock #emo #emocore #listeningnow #preview


Get this new CD, get your heart beating…

A great big box of ‘Killer sands and beating hearts’ CDs have just arrived at Eng Recs HQ. This is the new Tonota 80 release and we want to send you one – Radios, reviewers, promoters, distros, labels, friends – get in touch!


TV time for singer songwriter Steve Hewitt

Steve Hewitt chats to KMTV about making musical miracles for minimum wage.
Watch the interview here.