Another new release! Son of the mourning – Eulogy CD

About ten years ago Son Of The Mourning, the screamo kings of Manchester, UK, recorded and released the ‘Forest Bank’ CD and then the split CD with My Shining One (from NJ, USA) and became pretty busy sharing stages with Converge, Beecher, Eden Maine, Number One Son, Aconite Thrill, Shaped By Fate and many others. They started to record a full album for us but unfortunately, and as sometimes happens, the band broke up. Now, a decade later, and mainly thanks to Gav Brady, the guitarist and now singer, those tracks have been finished and remixed. The resulting metal-core rifferama is aptly called ‘Eulogy’ and will be released on Engineer records in the next months.

We’ve been listening to the fierce and uncompromising final mixes and have to say this will go down very well with the original fans and anyone into Alexis On Fire, Black Dahlia Murder, Cave-In, Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Darkest Hour, Boy Sets Fire and Killswitch Engage.

Wes O’Connor has been working on the fantastic artwork (hit him up on twitter: @sickpatton) and here’s a peek at the cover art.


Steve Hewitt at The Trinity Theatre

Trying out tracks from the upcoming album ‘Bigger Than Words’ Steve Hewitt played a set with a full band at the Trinity in Tunbridge Wells last night to a packed house.
He also had a few mates join him onstage for some tracks too and as there were cameras at the show too there will be a video from it soon.


New Release! Hail Taxi – A little something CD

We are very excited to tell you all that a bunch of nothing eventually turned into “A Little Something”, which is the title of Hail Taxi’s latest upcoming release!
This new CD EP will contain five great tracks including the video singles “Magic Spark” and “Wild Rose Country”.
It is acoustic-folk-rock at its finest and the second CD release on Engineer Records conceived by the singer/songwriter, Nathaniel Sutton, under this moniker.
Radios, reviwers and distribution partners can pre-order the CD now, although the official release and launch gigs will be in May, with digital versions of the tracks available in April.
The five A-side all killer no filler tracklist is:
1, Amazing
2, Bunch of nothing
3, Magic spark
4, Rocket
5, Wild rose country

Hail Taxi video for Magic Spark
Hail Taxi video for Wild Rose Country

Hailing from the landscapes of Edmonton, Alberta Canada comes the story of a solo singer / songwriter & performer Nathaniel Sutton. While delivering mostly Folk-based Indie-rock, you’ll find splashes of dynamic Alt/Country, pop and even EDM sensibilities with eclectic influences that parallel elements from other artist-greats like Folk Implosion and Beck. Nathaniel has featured an exclusive track “Far More” through the sought-after compilation series ‘The Emo Diaries’ on Deep Elm Records and now returns to Engineer Records for this solid singalong alt-country release.

Always keeping busy Hail Taxi has a bunch of shows planned and will also be collaborating with Von Bieker, another Canadian singer / songwriter, on February 25th, as part of his live concert series called “Songs From Home”.
You can read a lot more about this here:



Hidden Cabins interview for Electric Music Mag

A little Q&A with Hidden Cabins went up on Electric Music Magazine’s website recently and if you check it out you may learn some things about the guys that you never wanted to know.
Just click:
Maybe cue up a soundtrack while you’re at it:


Wanna sing some backing vocals for WCFW?

Those ever-rocking Scots WeCameFromWolves are working on new tracks and have asked on their facebook page if fans want to come along to the studio and join them in singing some back up vox for a new song.
If you fancy it drop them a line via the news piece on here:


20th anniversary t-shirts from One Day Elliott

With less than a month to go until One Day Elliott’s big 20th anniversary charity show, we’re very excited to announce the launch of an extremely limited edition special anniversary T-Shirt.
Our lovely chums at Pins and Knuckles Merchandise have sorted us out with these awesome, gold-print versions of the classic ODE fireball logo shirt.
We’ll be selling these at the show, but if you want to get ahead of the game, or heaven forbid you can’t make it on the night, you can order one directly now.
They’re only a tenner and that includes a donation to the Square Pegs Arts charity too.
(Don’t forget that anyone wearing an ODE shirt to the anniversary show at The Red Lion on 9th March gets in cheaper too!)


Start to finish with Speedwell limited CD

We have found a few more copies of Speedwell’s great limited edition discography album on CD so you can order your copy now!
‘Start to Finish’ contains all the tracks on the Engineer Records CD, singles and compilations, plus digital releases in a physical form with tri-fold booklet containing the artwork and notes.
It’s a split release between Coolidge Records and Engineer Records and is strictly limited to just 100 copies.

The full trackless is:
1, Calling on Columbia Pike 03:38
2, This Is Us 02:59
3, Two Conquests 03:06
4, Your Atlantic 03:52
5, Oceans Are Armlengths 02:53
6, Fighting Sleep 02:33
7, Night Cares 03:53
8, Pacifique 04:57
9, Smoke To Smother 05:34
10, Hydrogen 09:39
11, Wind Down 03:20
12, Angles Outward (4-Track Demo) 02:42
13, Circle.Three Years (4-Track Demo) 03:49
14, Truss Rod (4-Track Demo) 04:58
15, Kuma (4-Track Demo) 02:42
16, Having Only Just Recovered From the Glare (4-Track Demo) 03:48
17, Triple Crown (4-Track Demo) 03:20

This collection CD is a real must have for fans of The Get Up Kids, Samiam, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring, Braid, Cross My Heart, Pop Unknown, Brandtson, Benton Falls, Cap n Jazz, The Anniversary, Saves The Day, The Oliver Twist and Weezer.
Check out these reviews:
“A rousing, breathless blast from the past” – KDHX 88.1 FM (
“whirling pop fury and punk attitude” – Beats Per Minute (
“clenching, about-to-snap aggression…and…melodic obligingness” – The Big Takeover
“If new emo bands sounded like this instead of what they actually sound like, the world would be a better place, for me.” – Collective Zine (
“At least now Speedwell has a proper full-length to its credit to document the creative growth of yet another could-have-been-great American band.” – The Fire Note (
“emo, synth pop, and pop punk merged” – Surviving the Golden Age (
“If 90’s emo is your thing, then Speedwell’s Start to Finish is a must.” – Manual Dexterity Zine (
“Albums & EPs From 2013 That I Enjoyed” – Manual Dexterity Zine (
“This is an album of perfect Midwest emo … with just enough abrasiveness to make your heart a little raw” – Survivre La Nuit (
“these 17 tracks … make for a really strong full length album which the band never got to put out while in existence” – Suspect Device Zine (



One Day Elliott to play 20 year anniversary show


Supported by:

2019 marks 20 years since One Day Elliott started gigging and to celebrate we’re putting on a huge show at their home away from home; The Red Lion in Gravesend.
We have an absolutely awesome lineup of bands confirmed and a cracking afterparty (with DJ Less Than Cheese) to keep everything going until the early hours.
There will be a few surprises and some VERY special guests throughout the night.

One Day Elliott will be donating every penny raised from the show to the charity they support, Square Pegs Arts, who run Theatre, Music and other Arts projects for children, young people and adults with autism, learning disabilities or social communication difficulties.
Check out to see find out more about the excellent work they do.

Paul from ODE said “We’re extremely honoured and feel infinitely lucky to have played together for such a long time and to have met so many cool people, played with too many awesome bands to mention, and have had some of the best, most memorable experiences we could have ever imagined. We’d love to share that celebration with you all”.

Please note the early start – we’re going to make this a kind of mini festival to celebrate with some of our favourite bands so make sure you get down for the beginning.
T-Shirts – if there’s ever a time to dust off your old One Day Elliott T-Shirt and wear it, this is it. (If for no other reason than anyone wearing an official ODE T-Shirt gets in for a little bit cheaper).
We’ll see you there!


Steve Hewitt plays the Trinity Theatre 16.2.19

Steve Hewitt will be playing at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 16th February with some great local support for Local & Live.
It’s going to be a great concert with a video being made of the evening as a pre-release sampler for the new album, Bigger Than Words, coming out soon.
Tickets are selling fast so grab yours today.