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Jack & Sally’s new video ‘Nevernia’

Jack and Sally‘s brand new music video for ‘Nevernia’ is OUT NOW! You can check it out by clicking on the image below!!

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‘Truth Hits Everybody’ video

Now you can watch the videos for the brand new Antillectual Covers EP on youtube here: The EP on Youtube:…
Starting with .the truth hits everybody’ by the Police and going through all four songs.
There’s a release party tomorrow, Friday May 15! Antillectual will go live via FB and Insta to celebrate the release, play some acoustic songs, do a Q&A and whatever else happens! The day after, Saturday May 16, Willem is playing an acoustic set for Boatless Booze Cruise w/ The Creepshow, Teen Agers, and many more.

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All This Time, Sleave
Sleave’s latest single ‘All This Time’ taken from the album ‘Don’t Expect Anything’ out now on Engineer Records.

Stream Here:
Follow on IG:@sleaveband

More videos from Sleave:
Swept –
Check Myself –
Homebound –
Drum Cam Vid (Check Myself) –
Videography – Arcani

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Win a copy of WTD’s ‘Still Burning’ with Punk Fiction zine

New Punkfiction contest!
They created the feeling just before lockdown with a new powerful album.
Wake The Dead makes you win 3 vinyl (or cd to choose).

We take this opportunity to give you their latest music video: Lone Wolf

They also responded to Hardcore Coffee‘s interview at the beginning of the month. He of their latest album, road friends and current situation, but also what will happen for them when everything is more calm.

1) Like the page Punkfiction and Wake The Dead
2) Share this post
3) Draw Wednesday, May 20th thanks to our friends from

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Covers EP by Antillectual is out today!

Antillectual Covers EP out today.
They’ve recorded 4 covers of “the roots of our roots” for this passion project.
‘When the cover idea surfaced we didn’t feel like covering the bands we grew up on. Most of them are still around or reunited. It seemed much more interesting to go back some more generations and find early punk songs with a melodic vibe to them. The EP includes covers of Truth Hits Everybody (The Police), Hanging on the Telephone (The Nerves, Blondie), I Believe in Miracles (Ramones) and Search and Destroy (The Stooges)’.
The cover artwork consists of adaptations of the four original designs so you know it’s us. Re-designs by Andy Dahlström (Satanic Surfers). We recorded the rhythm section live and we kept dubs and edits to a minimum. This is as raw/unpolished as we get in the studio! Drums and bass recorded by Emiel Thoonen; vocals, guitars and hammond recorded by Menno Bakker at Amsterdam Recording Company. Mixed by Menno Bakker at ARC, mastering by Carl Saff.
Check out this review:…/ep-review-antillectual-cov…
You can order your copy now from Engineer Records, or any of the other great label involved, or direct from the band store at:

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FnL review of Wake The Dead LP

Fear n Loathing’s review of the intense new WAKE THE DEAD album, ‘Still Burning’ CD/LP (Engineer);
Wake The Dead are a French band who have been together since 2010. During that time they’ve released several albums and have developed a powerful modern hardcore sound that has many great influences. My first impressions reminded me of the highly underrated early 90’s American band, Alloy. The vocals, although much more aggressive here, do have certain similarities with Vic Bondi, whilst the mesh of guitar riffs and precision rhythms certainly has the same basic approach, even if the results aren’t exactly the same. Elsewhere, they also reminded me of Fucked Up, although again, not so much in the actual sounds that they create. But they’re certainly unafraid to use the more-elaborate arrangement-styles of 70’s hard rock (as opposed to heavy metal) to bring out the more powerful aspects of their music and do so with an interesting, intelligent manner. The instruments are loud in the mix and, as I’ve already said, the vocals are pretty intense, but they never overpower the subtle melodies that lay at the heart of this record. The lyrics are all in English, allowing this to appeal to a more international audience, and there really is no reason why this shouldn’t be very successful. Many bands attempt this style of hardcore, but very few manage to do it as well as this. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the very first listen, I was highly impressed. Be sure to hear it for yourself.

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Tonota 80 ‘Everybody’s Famous’ reviewed…

A new review of TONOTA 80’s ‘Everybody’s Famous’ CD from Andy at Fear n Loathing zine: Kent-based band playing a melodic form of punk rock with input from styles as diverse as indie-punks Mega City Four and the Senseless Things through to harder-edged American bands like Husker Du and Moving Targets. For a three-piece, they whip-up a pretty big sound and the album gives you a real sense of a band that has a strong musical direction. They’re not afraid to vary the tempos, include vocal harmonies or add different instrumentation where it’s appropriate and the overall production is both inventive and convincing. ‘This Summer’ might be the slowest track on the album, with only acoustic guitar and keyboard accompaniment, but it stands out really well and also sets the mood perfectly for the following track, ‘Coffee in My Veins’, one of the liveliest and most instantly-likeable songs on the whole record. This is an album that draws you in from start to finish, but with repeated listens it just gets better and better. With the right radio coverage, this could prove to be a very popular album indeed. Good luck to ‘em!

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Fear n Loathing review Punch Drunk’s ‘Sassy’

New review of Punch Drunk‘s brilliant ‘Sassy’ in Fear N Loathing zine:
PUNCH DRUNK. Sassy CD (JSNTGM) Forming in Nottingham just a few years ago, Punch Drunk are a three piece melodic punk band with a big guitar sound and tight, inventive rhythms, topped with emotive vocals that recall early Lemonheads, Moving Targets and maybe even Buffalo Tom. But although the obvious references are all American, it’s also important to note that they don’t come across as Americanised in anyway, retaining a very evident English manner throughout. Ten songs in less than 30 minutes, they’re definitely not wasting time and keeping it all within a pop context as well. Actually, the whole album is kept pretty much to the point, with an approach that really doesn’t mess about. They do whip-up a big-sound, but always keep it in check so that it doesn’t overpower the underlying melodies or subtle hooks that consistently draw you further into the songs. I’d love to see this band live, because I’m sure this set of songs would be blistering in an onstage setting. And… they even have a cute cat picture on the album cover! If you like your music loud and strong, but with plenty of cool tunes to keep you tapping your toes, you really have to hear this!

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MM14 podcast – Tune in and enjoy

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Hardcore Coffee House

Hardcore Coffee House video interview (in French) with Wake The Dead about their new album ‘Still Burning’ in lockdown…

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