Years Before

Cleveland, OH

Firing on all cylinders, Cleveland, Ohio’s Years Before blast out
of the gates with waves of catchy, melodic-hardcore done in such a classic way, you’ll be raising fists and pushing your way to the stage. With their debut EP Hometown Zeros sounding as if they’ve been treading the boards of sweaty rock clubs for ages, Years Before have arrived to make their mark.

There’s no flavour-of-the-month formula here though – you can feel the passion from the get go, in the riff work, the weaving bass lines and in-the-pocket drumming digging in beneath soaring vocal melodies. There’s no pretense and a lot of heart.

Melodic, anthem infused punk music for those that get out to shows and live for the energy of live music right in front of them.

Years Before began in July 2016 as a homage to the punk-rock/pop-punk bands the members grew up listening to, but soon developed their own unique style. With a vision to release a five song EP, the band enlisted their good friend Evan McKeever (Savage Audio/Nine Shrines) in December 2016 to produce and record their debut. That EP, entitled Hometown Zeros was self-released digitally in the USA on March 31, 2017 and soon came to the attention of Engineer Records. Signing them for the label in the UK and Europe and looking to increase their coverage worldwide with a CD release in the late Summer of 2017. The band is already writing towards their follow up, while booking shows for Summer 2017 and beyond.