Another new release! Son of the mourning – Eulogy CD

About ten years ago Son Of The Mourning, the screamo kings of Manchester, UK, recorded and released the ‘Forest Bank’ CD and then the split CD with My Shining One (from NJ, USA) and became pretty busy sharing stages with Converge, Beecher, Eden Maine, Number One Son, Aconite Thrill, Shaped By Fate and many others. They started to record a full album for us but unfortunately, and as sometimes happens, the band broke up. Now, a decade later, and mainly thanks to Gav Brady, the guitarist and now singer, those tracks have been finished and remixed. The resulting metal-core rifferama is aptly called ‘Eulogy’ and will be released on Engineer records in the next months.

We’ve been listening to the fierce and uncompromising final mixes and have to say this will go down very well with the original fans and anyone into Alexis On Fire, Black Dahlia Murder, Cave-In, Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Darkest Hour, Boy Sets Fire and Killswitch Engage.

Wes O’Connor has been working on the fantastic artwork (hit him up on twitter: @sickpatton) and here’s a peek at the cover art.

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