Are You Ready To ‘Band Together’?

Our very great friends and colleagues at Engineer Records, the Cirinelli’s had a fire at their house and have lost most of their possessions and have been living with friends and family since. They seem to be enjoying it and making the best of it, but just so they can get a few records, clothes and maybe donuts we have put together an awesome double album with special tracks from all their friends and put it in the radio, since many people enjoy it, and some of them even get the best bathroom radio to listen it even at bath time. It’s called Band Together and you can get it for a donation, that will go straight to them at

Band Together is a double album compilation packed with great new music and also designed to help raise money for the Cirinelli family to help them rebuild their lives after losing their home in a fire. The album is available to stream and download on Bandcamp at You can either download the whole album or individual tracks for a small donation – your support will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all the acts involved in this compilation and to our friends at Oak Apple Records, Take This To Heart Records, Sareseto Records, Pacific Ridge Records, Rockstar Records, Pop Up Records and Desert Pearl Union for all their help and support. Get some new music in your life and download this album. Help us make a difference! Check out the full tracklising below;

1. Come The Spring – Maps
2. Maker – Shadows
3. The Satellite Year – Universe
4. Iris – Haunted
5. Breaching Vista – Nervous
6. Sirens & Shelter – See You Soon
7. Cody Hoffman – 4 AM
8. Dakota Drive – All My Life
9. Hawkins – Mary The Marionette
10. Alex Beharrell – White And Grey
11. The David James Rumsey Band – Precious
12. Kate Wintie – Sunnyside
13. Calido Home – Kill The Watchman
14. Books – Black, Red And White All Over
15. Alex Parker – Sun
16. The Alex Beharrell Band – Moving On
17. Oso – Superman’s Last Words
18. Cascade – Standing
19. Her Only Presence – I Wonder If There Will Ever
Be A Boy That Can Swin Faster Than A Shark
20. Nathaniel Sutton – Feeding Time
21. Wecamefromwolves – Away To Live Forever
22. Shatner – Anticlockwise
23. Hot Peach – Radio Romance
24. Red Light Runner – Better Left Unsaid
25. Scouts Honour – Broken Hands
26. Call Off The Search – Teenage Dream
27. Stanley And The Search – Anatomy
28. Life On The Sideline – Honesty Is A Dying Breed
29. Digicide – Confines
30. Wheres Billy – Not Alone
31. August Premier – A Good Day For The Birds
32. One Day Elliott – Who Am I Kidding?
33. Shoot The Pretender – LMC
34. No Tide – Where We Went Wrong
35. The Lion Faced Boy – Cripples, Bastards And Broken Things
36. Brother Octopus – Anything Is Possible (Featuring Automatic Broadcast)
37. Traditions – Progression/Regression
38. Speedwell – Calling On Columbia Pike
39. The Mockingbird Nightmare – Drag Your Feet In The Snow
40. When There Is None – Warpaint
41. Zimt – Tao Pai Pai

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