Coffee in my veins

‘Coffee in my veins’ is the first single taken from the new 2020 CD release by Tonota 80 entitled ‘Everybody’s Famous’ which is available as a CD and digital download at and through
The lyrics are about the aging process, health and loneliness whilst still trying to stay positive and being there for those worse off than yourself. You can check out the new video here: and you can order the new CD direct from the band or the label now.

We spoke with then band about the new song and they told us:
DAVE. This reminds me of 70s rock/hard rock. The keyboards just before the second verse sounds like something one of those hairy bands would do. Lovely backing vocals from Rick in the chorus and another of my favourite vocal performances from John.
RICK. Coffee In My Veins has it all! This was the trickiest to play for me. Graham at Cyclone mastering thought it sounded like Rush!
JOHN. This song is the most honest song I’ve ever written. It’s all about me! It would be better to explain the lyrics to this song over a beer. I really enjoyed singing this. It rocks like mad and we’re very tight.

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