FnL review of Wake The Dead LP

Fear n Loathing’s review of the intense new WAKE THE DEAD album, ‘Still Burning’ CD/LP (Engineer);
Wake The Dead are a French band who have been together since 2010. During that time they’ve released several albums and have developed a powerful modern hardcore sound that has many great influences. My first impressions reminded me of the highly underrated early 90’s American band, Alloy. The vocals, although much more aggressive here, do have certain similarities with Vic Bondi, whilst the mesh of guitar riffs and precision rhythms certainly has the same basic approach, even if the results aren’t exactly the same. Elsewhere, they also reminded me of Fucked Up, although again, not so much in the actual sounds that they create. But they’re certainly unafraid to use the more-elaborate arrangement-styles of 70’s hard rock (as opposed to heavy metal) to bring out the more powerful aspects of their music and do so with an interesting, intelligent manner. The instruments are loud in the mix and, as I’ve already said, the vocals are pretty intense, but they never overpower the subtle melodies that lay at the heart of this record. The lyrics are all in English, allowing this to appeal to a more international audience, and there really is no reason why this shouldn’t be very successful. Many bands attempt this style of hardcore, but very few manage to do it as well as this. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the very first listen, I was highly impressed. Be sure to hear it for yourself.

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