Hidden Cabins express their love

The boys had this to say:

“To put into words what this past week has done as far as invigorating us, is quite a task. Getting to go overseas and take part in a well-organized, well-received tour was one of the coolest experiences we could have asked for. Not only did just the musical camaraderie hold up, which was inspiring in itself, but every band member as well as James Vince the promoter, were all so genuine. We got along extremely well. Too well, as it’s hard to swallow the fact it’s ended, we could have kept going! These shows will attest to how much damn fun you can have stripping songs from their electric molds, down to the core on acoustic guitars and just going for it. No frills—just hearty strums, deep breaths, a lot of sweat and…some very, very good beer. The songs from the other bands are still stuck in our head. It’s going to be hard to match the times spent with our new bro’s in One Day Elliott, Sirens & Shelter and Red Light Runner, not to mention Alex Parker who we shared quite a few of the dates with. Other’s like Orfila, Alex Beharrell, Lucky Jackson, David James Rumsey…just genuine. A huge part of this for us, goes out to Dave, Louise, Carl and the Engineer Records extended family for putting us up, hanging out and supporting our mini American invasion over the course of 9 days! We’ve returned to the states and are recording 2 new songs next week for a forthcoming split CD on Engineer, as well as heading to Canada the week after. Rally ho!” -Brian and Craig // Hidden Cabins.


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