LSHF ‘Are we doing the best we can?’ is record of the day on Rock-it!

‘Are we doing the best we can?’ the new album by Low Standards, High Fives, is Record of the Day on today.
You can check out their review here:

‘Three years after their “Enough” EP Low Standards, High Fives release their first full-length album titled “Are We Doing the Best We Can?”: finally a more complete work that successfully returns to the path walked so far by this promising band. This record already convinces with its artwork, but of course what counts is its content, and that resumes all the good stuff we’ve already been hearing in their past works, but in an even more mature way now.
Their style connects to american emo and it’s clear since the first notes of ‘Bite Me’ and the vocal melody from ‘Silent Decor’ perfectly mix ‘with some contemporary indie-rock distortions and some pleasing 90’s references. The intensity and enthralling melody of ‘The Twist’ with its melancholy spaces and post-rock shades keeps it hurtling along.
‘Remember Me’ is the most classic emo song of the entire record, and ‘Just Like Silence’ is almost a pop song, followed by ‘Slow Dancers in a Rush Hour’ a little masterpiece of atmosphere, a musical picture in black and white, a lo-fi apocalypse with a climax made of sound and distortion that lets the voices in only in its second half.
‘Crazy Boy’ is another song that fully convinces us and that remakes the direction taken by the band. The final song ‘Distance By Connection’ starts slowly and is deeply emotional – it is in summary, LSHF’s style and sound.
LSHF successfully repeat and confirm themselves as one of the most interesting bands of this musical genre.’


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