Punk Faction, the BHP zine book, is out now…

Punk Faction, BHP ’91 to ’95, is a 280 page book collecting the articles, interviews and reviews from BHP punk music & alternative lifestyle fanzine. Although officially launched in September, advance copies are available now on amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Punk-Faction-BHP-91-95/dp/1999758129/ref=sr_1_2
It contains interviews with Jailcell Recipes, Goober Patrol, Angus Bagpipe, Pseudo Hippies, Green Day, Hard Ons, Understand, Ramones, Joeyfat, Unpolluted Air, SNFU, Quicksand, All, Funbug, MTX, Sugar, Alloy, Decadence Within, Samiam, Compulsion, Shreds, Down By Law, Lifetime, Rancid, Shelter, Jawbreaker, Couch Potatoes, Pennywise, Civ, Riverdales, Dawson, Annalies, No Empathy and Schema, as well as Daniel Clowes and Steven Jesse Bernstein.
Also tour and scene reports, and articles on everything from censorship to prejudice, hunt saboteurs to third world debt, vegetarianism and the environment, as well as hundreds of live and record reviews.
Now collected into one book, with an introduction from the editor / author and a foreword by singer / songwriter Frank Turner, it offers a unique insight into the UKHC scene at the time.

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