Sleave – Homebound – video premiere

Sleave’s ‘Homebound’ video is premiering right now on BlankTV at so turn up your volume and press play! (Then like and share too please).
Also, as the video has dropped we thought it’d be good for you to be able to download / stream the track too, so you can find “Homebound” wherever you listen to music but here are the main links:
Sleave bring the rock all the way from Richmond, Virginia and could well be our favourite new band, hopefully, yours too. This is the first of several singles and videos planned over the next months before we release the amazing album ‘Don’t Expect Anything’ and being friendly punk rockers we welcome any input and involvement from other labels who want to be part of this too.
“I’m sick of trying, these dreams keep dying, my youth is lost, count up the cost. How can I make it stop?
They’re all here I’m out there, they’ve been stuck all these years, so tell me…
Why do I get so down when I visit my hometown?”

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