Start to finish with Speedwell limited CD

We have found a few more copies of Speedwell’s great limited edition discography album on CD so you can order your copy now!
‘Start to Finish’ contains all the tracks on the Engineer Records CD, singles and compilations, plus digital releases in a physical form with tri-fold booklet containing the artwork and notes.
It’s a split release between Coolidge Records and Engineer Records and is strictly limited to just 100 copies.

The full trackless is:
1, Calling on Columbia Pike 03:38
2, This Is Us 02:59
3, Two Conquests 03:06
4, Your Atlantic 03:52
5, Oceans Are Armlengths 02:53
6, Fighting Sleep 02:33
7, Night Cares 03:53
8, Pacifique 04:57
9, Smoke To Smother 05:34
10, Hydrogen 09:39
11, Wind Down 03:20
12, Angles Outward (4-Track Demo) 02:42
13, Circle.Three Years (4-Track Demo) 03:49
14, Truss Rod (4-Track Demo) 04:58
15, Kuma (4-Track Demo) 02:42
16, Having Only Just Recovered From the Glare (4-Track Demo) 03:48
17, Triple Crown (4-Track Demo) 03:20

This collection CD is a real must have for fans of The Get Up Kids, Samiam, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring, Braid, Cross My Heart, Pop Unknown, Brandtson, Benton Falls, Cap n Jazz, The Anniversary, Saves The Day, The Oliver Twist and Weezer.
Check out these reviews:
“A rousing, breathless blast from the past” – KDHX 88.1 FM (
“whirling pop fury and punk attitude” – Beats Per Minute (
“clenching, about-to-snap aggression…and…melodic obligingness” – The Big Takeover
“If new emo bands sounded like this instead of what they actually sound like, the world would be a better place, for me.” – Collective Zine (
“At least now Speedwell has a proper full-length to its credit to document the creative growth of yet another could-have-been-great American band.” – The Fire Note (
“emo, synth pop, and pop punk merged” – Surviving the Golden Age (
“If 90’s emo is your thing, then Speedwell’s Start to Finish is a must.” – Manual Dexterity Zine (
“Albums & EPs From 2013 That I Enjoyed” – Manual Dexterity Zine (
“This is an album of perfect Midwest emo … with just enough abrasiveness to make your heart a little raw” – Survivre La Nuit (
“these 17 tracks … make for a really strong full length album which the band never got to put out while in existence” – Suspect Device Zine (


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