They Will Be Missed

Her Only Presence takes their final bow:

Her Only Presence are saying goodbye with two of their best songs to date and others are showing why they are at their best moment. A trio and a tandem. Melodies with soul and screams from the bowels. Her Only Presence and L’Hereu Escampa. Together but not scrambled, these two bands will be sharing a 10″ split that will be released next January by Engineer Records, Famèlic Records and Desert Pearl Union.

On one side we have Her Only Presence, the power trio was saying goodbye a few months ago while we were still loving You’re Never Back, their debut album with Engineer Records. Here we’ll have two new songs, recorded at Wheelsound Studios by Txosse Ruiz. HOP comes to an end, a project that has lasted almost eight years now.
On the other side: L’Hereu Escampa, the couple from Manlleu, give us three new songs, recorded by Edgar Rodriguez (Punch Sound Recordings) at DR. NR Muzzik Studio. A natural continuation to a successful self-titled work that catapulted them directly to the list of spanish revelation bands of 2011, fresh and visceral songs that have allowed them to tour without stopping.
Both sides of plastic have been lovingly mastered by Victor Garcia (Ultramarinos Studios), responsible for balance two very personal proposals, with many commonalities and differences.
The expected vinyl pressed in a striking purple, is illustrated by the amazing Rafa Blanco’s artwork, who also illustrated the mini-tour poster that will return these five musicians to their natural habitat: the stage.

We shall miss this band immensely!

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