Who’s Ready For Herofest?

But what is Herofest I hear you ask? Well my friends, Herofest is a kick ass festival that’s held every year at The Red Lion pub in Gravesend.  It’s always packed with tons of great acts across several stages.  Since it’s inception in 2009, Herofest has raised an amazing £12,500 for charity.  The charity in question is Help The Heroes which we think is majorly awesome.

This year the festival is going to be on Saturday July 26th at the same venue and will be featuring 40 acts across four stages all for the tidy price of £6.  The lineup is currently as follows and it looks amazing.  See if you can spot some Engineer names on the list…

Bad Sign
Bender Crack Corn
Call Me Malcolm
City Of Ashes
Come The Spring
Confessions Of A King
Crow Lane
First Sign Of Light
Five Year Plan
Freedom Cage
Let The Wookie Win
Local Madman
Red Light Runner
Ruby Soup
The Chaundeliers
The Furry Lovelickers
The Sunshine Bus
Victor And The Bully

Alex Parker
Brad Harmer
Charlotte Rose Ellis
Delorean Mode
Devon And The Deep Blue Bea
Jess Toms
Kate Wintie
Lucias Malcolm
Sirens And Shelter
The Moongoats

Make sure you head down to The Red Lion in Gravesend on Saturday July 26th.  It’s going to be off the hook awesome and for a great cause too.  You’re gonna love it!



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