Fugo create –other music!
Concessions, conventions or other limiting conditions don’t exist. Fugo are into Rock music. Everything that sounds good simply fits in.

Fugo developed in December 2000, as a result of a meeting between Stefan Hell and Mich Rothen. Already after the first sessions together – only drums and guitar – both decided to follow the same musical ways. Initially as a side project for Stefan (Ex-Lunazone, Ex-Nordstan and Ex-Pub la Bomba) but as a new main project for Michael, who broke up crumb. months before.
With their first demos ‘A.)-F.) 2001’ they canvass bassist and vocalist Roman Donzé. Fugo remain accomplished end of 2001. As a trio they record the demos ‘G.)-O.) 2003’ und ‘P.)-T.) 2004’.
In summer 2004 starts the collaboration with the well-known alternative label Engineer Records (UK/USA). Beginning 2005 Fugo produce their debutalbum at somastudios, Strengelbach. ‘Aie’ got released worldwide on Engineer Records in summer 2005 (IGN062).
After succesful concerts with bands like Standstill (E) Fugo present their new drummer Christian Kyburz late 2005. There were more concerts with the likes of Navel, The Delilahs, Darediabolo (USA) and Highfish.
Beginning 2007 Engineer Records (UK/USA), Autumn Walker Records (IT) and Shrodinger Records (USA) released the split-CD ‘Entremets D’Hier’ (IGN096) with songs of Squarewell (USA) and some outtakes and a remix of Fugo.
Following this release Fugo plays concerts; several times with …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (USA), Favez and My Last Sorrow.
In the period between end of 2007 and end of 2010 Fugo and Dave Hofmann (somastudios.ch) produce their second full-length ‘avant 93:43’. The almost concept-work comes as a triple album with the artwork crafted by Conrad Keely (…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead). The lyrics offer diffrent aspects about the main subject ‘Time’.
For the release of ‘avant 93:43’ early march 2011 Fugo collaborate with Irascible (CH), Finest Noise Releases (D) and Engineer Records (UK/USA). Concerts are planned for all regions of Switzerland but also some gigs in Germany, Austria, Italy and England.
Short biography
1. Tascam 4-Track vs. Mich (since 1998)
2. Hell vs. Mich (2001)
3. Hell vs. Mich vs. Roman = Fugo (2002-2005)
4. ‘Aie’ on Engineer Records UK/USA, IGN 062 (2005)
5. Mich vs. Roman vs. Christian = Fugo (since late 2005)
6. ‘Entremets D’Hier’ on Engineer Records (UK/USA), Autumn Walker Records (IT) and Shrodinger Records (USA), Split-CD with Squarewell (2007)
7. Gigs with …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (2007/2009)
8. Production of triple album ‘avant 93:43’ with Dave Hofmann, somastudios.ch (until 2010)
9. New partners for the march-2011-release of ‘avant 93:43’: Irascible (CH) and Finest Noise Releases (D)
10. Du sollst nicht begehren deines Nächsten Hab und Gut. – Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor’s.

Band Members
Roman Donze – Vocals and Bass
Michael Rothen – Guitars
Christian Kyburz – Drums