Landmine Spring

Landmine Spring comes from the south part of the Czech republic and was founded in Strakonice early in 1995. It was in 1996 in their home town where they had theirfirst gig together with Lumen. After a couple of years of rehearsing and playing some local shows they recorded their first CDep called ”Do you answer me” (Samuel records 1998). Then played a lot of shows all over the country and did not take long to come up with the second album ”Ride” (Samuel records September 1999). On the day of the release they played an unforgettable show along with Fugazi (USA) and Something Like Elvis (POLAND) at Prague Lucerna Music Bar and in a month time did a twelve days tour all over the Czech republic and in Germany. In 2000 recorded by many their best album called ”Your World” this time on a well-known label Day After records.The release party took place at Dynamo in Z?rich (Switzerland) where they played with Elliott from the USA.With this album they went throught the Czech rep., Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Poland and Slovakia.

The next two years meant for the band a lot of touring and festivals (including two live unplugged shows) both abroad and in Czech. Either as a headliner or a support they shared stage with many great bands such as 90 Man Day, Fugazi, Elliott, Snapcase, Leatherface, Avail, Arab on Radar, Boy Sets Fire, Braid, Serpico, The Get up Kids, Shelter, I Farm etc. In 2002 were supposed to go on tour with No Knife (USA) but unfortunately the tour had to be canceled. Finally in February 2003 their so-far the last record “Sip of wine” came out (Day After records+Lovitt records from the USA) It is by many regarded as the best album this band has ever recorded. Their indie-rock is on this album enriched with the second drummer Tomas Vokurka and must say, it really rocks! The release party took place at 007 Club in Prague at the beginning of 2003 where they shared the stage with another briliant band The Robocop Kraus. With this band they hit the road again and did a few shows in Germany and the Czech republic. Before setting out for the Sip of wine European tour their second guitarist left the band for Sunshine and moved to the USA. He was then replaced by a new guitarist who had just come back from the UK with whom they already went on the European tour. After comming back from Europe they had a few gigs in Germany and Czech and we could see them as the support to Sense Field (USA) at Prague’s Rock Cafe.

In March 2004 they went to Germany for a 7-day-tour and played some gigs in Germany and the Czech republic. Most of the summertime was spent in their rehearsing room making new songs for the upcoming album and limited picture 7EP. You could see Austin Lucas art singer(usa) at some of their shows who was invited to play with them a few gigs. He also recorded back vocals to their new album and the songs are so good!!!

In May 2004 they pleyed with Nine Days Wonder from Japan in Prag and then went on mini tour through Austria with The Feelers from New Zealand