Sound And Shape

Sound & Shape

Much has been written in recent years proclaiming the ‘death of Rock and Roll’. A quick look at the charts — where flavor-of-the-week pop stars, the newest hip hop fads or hot new country singers all outnumber Rock acts by 5 to 1 — seems to confirm the declaration. The cause, however, is far from lost. Rock and Roll is alive and well-armed, claiming new terrain in clubs, bars and civic halls. It is in these trenches that Nashville, Tennessee’s Sound&Shape, are leading the charge.

A hard-touring outfit from the get-go, Sound&Shape formed in July 2005 and by the end of that year had logged more miles on the road than some bands do in entire careers. January 2006 saw the release of their debut album, Where Machines End Their Lives, and it was a year that would take them coast to coast many times, racking up an impressive 230+ shows.

More heavy touring followed in 2007 (180+ shows) and 2008 (150+), as well as the recording of a new album, The Love Electric. After paring down the 14 song opus to a more focused 5 song EP, Sound&Shape were signed to the US/UK independent label Engineer Records, and The Love Electric was released internationally on January 27th, 2009. Garnering rave reviews in the US as well as the UK, Italy, Romania and Germany, The Love Electric has served to introduce the name Sound&Shape to new fans across the globe.

In early 2010, Sound&Shape returned to the studio. This time, under the guidance of platinum selling producer Matthew McCauley and Grammy award winning producer/engineer Casey Wood, they tackled their most accessible and mature compositions to date. Armed with a wealth of new material, Sound&Shape have defined their mission: The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Band Members:

Ryan Caudle – Guitar and Vocals
Allen Jones – Drums
Matt Singleton – Bass and Vocals