WLOTS euro tour

WLOTS are back now from a very successful Tour de Fall 19 so here’s their summary and Thankyou’s:

We’re all back home now and would like to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who made this tour possible.

Thanks to all the bookers, promoters and people that helped organize the shows: Konzertgruppe AJZ Neumunster, Christian and Melani, Maciej Sniadecki and Michal Chlebosz of Wild Bread Booking and the D.K. Luksus crew, Igor Prusakowski and Geto Szamankis of Thorn Mob, Lukasz Weissenstock, the Warsztat crew + escapism’s friends, Food Not Bombs Krakow, Tim Dingleberry and the AK44 Giessen crew.
Thank you to everyone who came out and watched us play, and sang along and danced with us. Sticking around despite rain and delayed showtimes. It was super cool meeting and hanging out with you all. Your kind words and heartfelt expressions of love will stick with us.
Also; Boris and Ɓukasz it was great seeing you again. And thank you Monika for seeing us twice and for all the cool merch!

Big ups to Mateusz Trzeciak, our resident photografer/driver. We couldn’t have asked for a better tour companion. Check out his work: matahaya.myportfolio.com, @matahayaph on instagram.

Thank you to all the bands we shared stages and floors with: TERYKY, nosugarrocknroll, Tromblon, Constante, DRAWBACKS, FIRE AT WILL and Abre los Ojos. It was awesome meeting and playing with you. We hope to see you again here, there or on the road.

Special thanks to our touring buddie-bands Kid, Feral and escapism. It was a personal dream come true to see my two favorite bands in the scene perform each night. Psyching us up before our set or letting us to unwind to their chaos afterwards. We couldn’t have asked for a better line up.
Krzysiek Mikunda, Hankus, Szuszu and Pawel, it felt like no time had passed since we last saw you. The best friends any band could ask for. We miss you and hope to see you again soon.
Vile, Ossian and Jesper, we’re patiently waiting for Sweden’s next classic skramz record. We’ll see you on the 22 November, if not sooner.
Let’s do this again sometime guys!

If you had a part in this tour and we forgot to add your name here, we’re very sorry. Know that we appreciate your contribution in making this tour something we will never forget.
Thank you all! WLOTS.

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