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DTDA launch Nebulosity EP with ‘Body Anchor’ video

(Damn) This Desert Air’s new music video for ‘Body Anchor (Back in Atlantis)’ produced by Justin Wilson (Filmage, Red Animal war, Saboteur) is now up on the Engineer Records YouTube ~ give it a watch in full!
The video was also launched in UK on Mass Movement and US on Post Trash as premieres.
Nebulosity EP will be released this Friday, July 24th. (Shipping CDs today so order yours now!)
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LSHF investing heart and soul

“Low Standards, High Fives undoubtfully invested heart and soul into ‘Are We Doing The Best We Can’, and there’s a dozen of potential alternative radio hits within this astounding debut full-length album”
Thank you ‘Thoughts Words Action’ ❤ for your great review of LSHF great album.
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Maiden Voyage vinyl video review

The beautiful vinyl for ‘Maiden Voyage’ by Amalia Bloom gets reviewed by Pi records here:

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Wall of Sound is no Tired Radio

The new Wall of Sound punk rock radio show is out and they’re playing Tired Radio’s new single ‘Making Plans’.
Full Playlist:
1. Paper Mill – Dens In Your Front Room
2. The Raging Nathans – Parole Violation
3. The Beths – I’m Not Getting Excited
4. Beach Riot – Wrong Impression
5. Kill Lincoln – Ignorance Is Bliss
6. Tigers Jaw – Warn Me
7. Restraining Order – Don’t Really Think So
8. The Decline – Year Of The Crow
9. Tired Radio – Making Plans
10. Counterparts – Strings Of Separation
11. Modern Shakes – Cruising
12. LURK – Pressure Points * New Favourite Band *
13. Bugs – Can’t Get Enough
14. Other Half – Tiny Head
15. The Stifled – Slow Moving Tragedy
16. NOBRO – Til I Get It All
17. Violent Soho – Lying On The Floor
18. Cold Years – Too Far Gone
19. Drug Church – Bliss Out
‘Making Plans’ is the first single from the new Tired Radio album ‘Patterns’ available on Engineer Records this summer and the video had had over 2000 views already, come and see why.
‘An incredible song, It will be stuck in my head for days!’ (Brittany H – Cheers!).
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Bear Away rocking the airwaves

Lot’s of radio airplay for the new Bear Away single ‘Old Friends / East Coast’ going on and great reviews coming in.

The ‘Old Friends’ video is going well too, over 10,000 views already, check it out here:

And the B-side / new track ‘East Coast’ will be streaming live on all digital channels from tomorrow, 24th July 2020, so get ready.

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Sleave in Thoughts Words Action

Yet another great review for Sleave’s ‘Don’t Expect Anything’ album, this time from Djordje at THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION magazine.

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DTDA Nebulosity coming soon…

One week from today, the first song from (Damn) This Desert Air’s forthcoming Nebulosity EP will be released via video and digi-single.

Tune in on July 20th for a song we’ve been so stoked for you to hear & see.

Note: Those who pre-ordered any package will receive the single to download that day to the email address associated with the order. You can still order the new shirt + EP, however the ‘Big Reach’ Pack has come to a close.

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Maiden Voyage vinyl and booklet

The beautiful vinyls of Amalia Bloom‘s ‘Maiden Voyage’ are available now from Engineer Records, Missed Out Records Les disques Rabat-joie every vinyl comes with a cool booklet of lyrics with their explanation. CD available too.

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Engineer records soundtrack on new Entity BMX dvd

The new Entity Bmx Shop dvd / video by SteevCVM is going to rock as it has an Engineer Records bands soundtrack…

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Antillectual on Pi Records

The brilliant Covers EP by Antillectual is reviewed by Pi records;

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