Amalia Bloom’s new video for ‘Solarium’

‘Solarium’ is the last song in ‘Maiden Voyage’, the intense new album from Amalia Bloom.
You can watch the new video here:
It is the final part of the journey, when the protagonist wakes up in a solarium, realising that all he witnessed, felt, heard, seen was nothing but is fantasy that becomes reality. In this song, the protagonist experiences a moment of epiphany and he understands that all the negative experiences we make can turn into something positive. He spends his time drawing his fantastic world in his head, realising he is lost in his own conscience and that he can not escape so he decides that this is not the time to think about his sorrow, as he want to experience the most he can in life.
This song is a metaphor to the voyage we make in life, from the moment we are born (from reverie I just woke up again) until the moment we die (once it will be time to shake death’s hand, help me reunite to my Motherland and when she’ll tuck me in I’ll be for aye asleep).

The video was created and directed by both Amalia Bloom and Hélio Gomes, while the song was produced by Yari Ricco at Eyeless Recordings in Vicenza IT.
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